Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice Cream Cake with New Zealand Natural

When Babe in the KL city asked a bunch of us if we were interested for a Ice Cream Cake class sponsored by New Zealand Natural, I instantly agree because;

1# Teckiee is a cheapo. Being sponsored for anything is good. HAHA!
2# I always think that ice cream cake is difficult to make because ice cream cakes sold out there are so darn expensive! (But now different case already la hehe)
3# Ice cream cake == no baking, which suits me because I don't have a workable oven right now.

I went to pick WMW up for lunch... wanted to bring her to this nice pork noodle place in P.J Old Town but after all the traffic jam (plus me car was playing up.. I later found out back home that my radiator was running out of water!) we ended up at Satellite having chicken noodles and sotong balls.

Lucky us, we still manage to reach The Cooking House in Seri Hartamas early and guided
poor Simon who couldn't find The Cooking Houses to the location.

Precious Pea and FFB arrived 5 minutes later and all of us *woop* out our cameras and started feeding the camera. It was kind of weird because there were more camera than spoons in the class!

While taking pictures of this pretty sugared walnuts, I caught Food Cookies across the room and her other half with a huge and expensive *woop* *woop* (That means camera hehe)

A stress ball for us in the welcome goodie bag. Baking that stressful?

Chef Lee. Quite good looking hor?

This is the pre made cookie base that was baked earlier. We did make these during the class too and yum yum! ours turned out really well! (Ahem...of cos la...I was "hands on" and added some "natural salt" to it ;P)

Anyway, I totally loved this Mango Sorbet ice cream aka Mango Heaven. Surprisingly easy to make too! The bottom and center later is the cookie base that was chewy and not crunchy after refrigeration which went really well with the smooth sorbet texture. Honestly (not because this class was sponsored), I find New Zealand Natural's sorbet smoother than many other sorbets out there. The top layer was a Mango Sorbet, and the bottom Mango Passion.

The Walnut Butterscotch Surprise! The Surprise! part is actually the center, almond biscuit coated with chocolate. I love my Rum n Raisins at Baskin-Robins. I think butterscotch will be my Rum n Raisins at New Zealand Natural. I forgot how good butterscotch can taste!

The two halves. I totally loved these two. I'm going to try not to be lazy and actually make. Now...I just need to find the time...

The next cake was a black forest ice cream cake which used New Zealand Natural's Boysenberry. We didn't make the cake but watch Chef Lee do his magic with the fresh cream.

I did wonder a couple of times if I could do this at home. I suck whipping cream... but I guess I can cheat and get the whipped cream in a can?

I didn't enjoy this cake as much as I enjoyed the mango and butterscotch cake. But I guess it was ok. I think it was the berries that got to me... I don't really like berries if they are not in a jam jar.

This...this chocolate sponge cake looks awesome. Texture as soft and spongy. But... SALTY! We kind of poured in 80g of salt instead of 80g of sugar! HAHAHAHA! Well, first time for everything ;p Oh.. the chocolate sponge base is used for a Tiramisu, we didn't use our salty one though.. The Cooking House was already expecting some of us to screw up LOL!

Ahh.. this pic... Chef Lee was saying "Dont use gloves when you know that you are going to sweat. When you raise your hands, your sweat is just going to drip all over your dough. But since I'm handling ice cream, I know it's cold, so I'm using the gloves"

Fixing up the Tiramisu is fairly easy...

...Just make sure you remember to thaw your ice cream first...

...But if you forget, Babe in the KL city say to put it in the microwave. It works! Only takes 20 seconds!

Taa Daa!

The top layer New Zealand Natural's Hokey Pokey and the bottom Cafe Espresso. I think everyone liked this because this was the last piece when Precious Pea went for her serving. I didn't quite dig this though. Not a coffee person.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class. Chef Lee gave us a couple of pointers, Babe in the KL city with her microwave tip, salt and sugar is very different haha, FFB with his baking skills, and egg white if whipped properly will not fall out when you overturn the bowl!

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12 pieces of worms:

cindy khor


I wish I were there... But I can't get NZ ice cream here in UK...

Big Boys Oven

hahahahaha are you in love babe? . . . . . . with the ice cream cake.... :)

Simon Seow

Yeah, poor me T_T Thanks for showing me the way.


80G of sALt?!!! hahaah ... that's funny. so who finished that one? :)


i loved their sorbet too esp the mango one! yums


cindy: ohh but you have goo ice cream too there!

BBO: I think so! I didnt know it was that easy to make one.

simon: hehehe u have to look up ma

j2kfm: hahaha no one ate it.. hypertension man if we ate that hhahaha

babe_kl: yeah.. i like the mango too


Aiyer... sounds like a fun class :(


jason: boleh tahan =) ...would be better if we got the sugar salt ingredient right haha


Hi Teckiee,
Can you tell me where I can buy an ice cream cake made of New Zealand Natural ice cream?

Please email me at



just replied you =)


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