Saturday, January 10, 2009


National Geographic. Lost In China. With The Hutchens Brothers.

I tagged along with WMW who got invites to see a preview of Lost In China with the Hutchens Brothers by the brother themselves. Since we were early for the event, we decided to hang around Pavilion KL until it was almost time. We headed to the food court and saw...

"This food will change your lifestyle"... Honestly, I don't know if I should laugh or cry at the statement. I feel more like this -_-" when I saw the tag line. But ok, give it a chance. Hmmm let me think... did the bauz change my lifestyle. No definitely not.

Come to think of it... the bauz did change my perception of bauz. Bauz need not be the natural colour of white flour, or yellow egg yoke, or green pandan, or orange sweet potato.

Yellow and black stripes. That's really new to me. I think Paris Hilton would look good posing with that bau. Flashy! LOL!

The Squid Roll (RM3.50) was very ordinary. A black and white in color bau with wasabi mayo and bonito flakes on top. The bau was quite dry, and I think it started to harden quite quickly.

This chicken stuffed Viennese Cheese Baoz (RN3.50) was another disappointment. I could taste chicken but flavor wasn't really impressive. I could hardly tell it was cheese, cream maybe, but cheese?

The Mutton Curry Baoz (RM3) was the best among the three but wasn't that great either. I did like the mutton curry in it but like the Viennese Cheese Baoz, the stuffing lacks flavor.

After finishing your bau, you'll find a cute little drawing of a girl. Cute.
All in all, I don't think I like Bauz that much. I did like the drawing of the cute little girl though :p

Life changing experience? Getting lost in China, yes. Eating Baoz, no.

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14 pieces of worms:


Multi-colored and stripes? For the Gen-Y? Too colorful, but I don't mind if the taste is good.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

Very fancy food, but looks abit too yucky for me to put it in my mouth! Hhmm how was the National Geographic Lost in China? do tell Teckiee ; ) Lucky u, invited to premiere....


if only the baoz taste as good as it looks...sigh after all the bad reviews guess i won't be trying it anytime soon

550ml jar of faith

I got quite a scare when I wandered over to the counter and got accosted by their very young, very flashy sales peeps. Your review confirmed my suspicions! Pretty to look at, but not much else!


well.. atr attempt at innovating the good old type of food.. donuts, yew char kueh, now the humble bao..sometimes still the gd old tastes better no?


worldwindows: hmm i think first impression counts for gen-y..but honestly...if it doesnt taste good, i dont think ppl will return

nora: I was lucky that WMW got invited! I just tagged with her hehehe.

rokh: go try one lah...maybe we have different taste..but if you dont like..well at least you know

550ml jar of faith: the color attracted me to try..but to have it thanks la.

thenomadGourmand: new concept yau char kueh? ...dim sum stuffed with fish paste?


Wow. Those are some doughnutty looking paus. =P

Sorta a put off for me... I prefer the originals.



Happy New Year 2009! May the year of the Cow brings you more joy, happiness, good health, luck and prosperity!


the 1st shot of the pau was prove enough that it's dry, and lack moisture. cant stomach those weird colourful-ornament-like pau. or Baoz.


call me old fashion, i dun think i can accept those kinda baos :p


It look more like dim sum to me :P

- ddkwh -

doesnt look quite appealing to be eaten. any good?!


Will try myself when I happen to be there :)


nat: The originals way better.

jadepearl: Hey! you too!

j2kfm: Actually it was on the dry side. Not too sure how long the pau was there.. they just steam it before serving. When the pau cooled down... it was harder.

babe_kl: like that, i have to call myself old fashion too ;p

jason: HAHAHAHHAHA hmm but dim sum got black n white one meh

ddkwh: taste not appealing either.

mimid3vils: Hope you have better luck picking the flavors.

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