Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles

So maybe monitor lizard is not everyone's cup of tea. But I'm guessing cow innards is not too hard to digest...hehe

I first stumbled across Ngau Kee when I was have char siew at Meng Kee along Jalan Tengkat Tongshin. I hear quite a number of "good beef noodles there" but ironically I have not gotten myself to try though I pass by this stall often.

I finally came around eating here when I was out with WMW. ...Actually, I think it was WMW that said "What!? How can you not have eaten there!" LOL! Ngau Kee is located at the front left side of Jalan Tengkat Tongshin, the road behind Jalan Alor.

I ordered the lou shi fun dry style. Had the corned beef with seasoning on top which tasted flavorful. I should have requested for more beef as I remembered I finished the beef topping after (only) having half the bowl of noodles.

The innards. I usually don't like the cow's stomach (that's the white hairy stuff) but this actually didn't taste gross. Weird huh, I don't find worms gross but cow's stomach? Anyway, I loved it with the meatballs, but the cubes of meat were just so so for me.

Staring at this picture of an empty bowl... I'm kind of thinking about Haji Samuri's beef stomach satay and Julian's dried beef noodles. Slurp slurp.. I think I am beginning to like the cow's stomach.

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14 pieces of worms:

Precious Pea

Was told the minced meat on top of the noodle is not beef but pork!


i love Ngau Kee Beef Noodle. yum ~~


Miss that bowl of loshifun with minced beef and the bowl of beef and cows innards.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

i know this place is damn salty with a CAPITAL full stop..n this is despite always downing loads of alcohol b4 coming..


normally passed by but see like noppl one?
had me thinking twice before entering.
how bout Soong Kee, Shin Kee and the others?


ate here last weekend. if compared to what I had exactly a year ago, I felt the quality dropped quite a lot :(


Parroting vkeong & NJoe, due to major drop in quality and msg overload, I've not been there for a couple of years.


find it msg laden la..vow never to go back there again


p.pea: actually WMW did tell me it was pork... but... really dont taste like pork...

ekeng: hahaha just behind "your territory!"

worldwindows: did the beef taste like beef or pork ah?

joe: eh salty meh.. i think my noodles wasnt salty enough.

j2kfm: hmm actually im not a big fan of beef. no idea about the other beef place.

vkeong: WMW mentioned that too.. but I just tried cos I havent eaten there before.

tummythoz, kampungboycitygal: The soup? Hmm i didnt really drink much of it. Stuck to my kown lou.

- ddkwh -

ahhh...feelin hungry already. :p


Ah...not as good but it's as good as it gets. Like I said, if Ngau Kee or Ngau Soh handing the stall itself, it'll be better. Hmmm...never found it on the salty side though.


I love the bouncy beef balls :)


ddkwh: lol

wmw: actually i think the soup that day was ok.

mimid3vils: me too ;p


I find the topping was kinda bland.

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