Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Before I say anything else... No, this is not my work. It's a beer advertisement from Thailand I think. I found it quite funny.... (view it with an open mind la kay.. it's suppose to be a joke and not trying to be demeaning to the female species ;p)




I'm still in the CNY mood, hence this really short post.

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cindy khor

its hilarious and yet so true but yet mind disturbing... not drinking anyway or i'll ended up as the bottom with 3 kids

Simon Seow

I'm already in working mode lor.


Thai commercial advertisement always so creative~~I like it!!


Gong Hei Fatt Choy eeeehhhh .. I though initially you´re in some drinking session lah hehehe but lovely post nonetheless. most of it is sooo true! especially the SHOE part hehe

The Wan And Only

Hi, nice blog! I love food! :)


Hah. Females are more interesting in every way. *thump thump* I rest my case.


hahaa.. FUNNY! but it means females r more interesting ppl right. LOL


cindy: hahaha aiyah.. drink.. but dont drink to much.

simon: believe it or not.. its the second last day of CNY and im still in the holiday mood.

mimid3vils: yeah..i saw a couple of "redbull" adds before.. super funny.

lianne: drinking session need to wait for you la. but guess what... i have a bottle of black umeshu with me.. it's aged.. muahaha

the wan and only: thanks =)

tummythoz, daphne: hahah we are!

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