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So sorry to the folks at but Carlsberg stole your lime light ;p

It's a small world because a friend of mine knows the folks at the Qguides. I was lucky because she happen to pass my contact to Liza, one of the co founder of the Qguides, and viola! I was at Carlsberg brewery newly renovated visitors lounge on Thursday for the soft launch of beta version.

For those who personally know me (or read my blog often enough), you know I not a fan of beer. I can even count the few too few times which I have taken beer and actually liked and finished it. Angkor Beer when I was in Siem Reap, the cheap fresh Bia Hoi in Hanoi town, and a light beer from Brewerkz in Singapore. See, 3 times. The rest of the time... no thank you.

But this.... I really like! 2 glasses and one bottle of Carlsberg after I was still craving for more. The only reason I didn't was because it was getting late and I had to drive home and work early the next day. Plus the sugar from Patchi chocolate that I got from the goodie bag ain't enough to keep me awake.

So I was thinking after that... how in the world did I manage to gulp down the booze when normal I don't even want to look at beers. I have drank Carlsberg before at pubs and clubs... (and maybe the Carlsberg Gold in the black can during CNY..that was nice but again I shared the can with someone else... beer isn't my thing la) The answer? I honestly don't know!!!

I wonder if the folks at Carlsberg Marketing can invite me for a couple more rounds of booze... you know... to let me do some research? hehe. Or maybe let me work there?

I am a proven a good dish/beer glass washer.

On a more serious note, I think I enjoyed the beer that day at Carlsberg because 1# It was really fresh and not watered down. You know la, sometimes at pubs you tend to get flat beers... the bars add water to the beer so they can sell cheap. 2# I didn't feel bloated after drink. I usually stop after half a glass cos I can't stop the burping but this one rock arse!. 3# I think the added flavor came with being in the new Carlsberg lounge itself. Would be kind of cool to work there.. Happy hour is just a walk down the stairs? Awesome! Haha!

oh ...and 4# The glass was frozen. Do the booze was cold...and stayed that way for sometime.

If my memory serves me well, the first glass I took was just the normal one. Second was the extra cold. Loved that. The last was a bottled Jacobsen Bramley Wit. Tasted a little different from the normal beer. ... a different kind of sweetness, but nice though.

Anyway, did meet a few new bloggers..and some old faces, meet with the whole Qguides team and of course the folks from Carlsberg. Jek Tan (the other co founder) walked us through on the whole idea of All I can say for now is... look out for this site especially for those who just prefers doing things online. Did try out a couple of their features..make your reservation online and score points was quite a plus plus. Of course, theQguides also covers all the other "standard" stuff like reviews and stuff.

And before I forget, pictures here are taken by Chui from Integricity (the mami company of theQguides).. well except for this one above ;P

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from the picture of you gulping the beer straight, they might think twice to let you work there! :P i agree on the beer too, i finish the whole glass where usual i don't drink beer too hehe


interesting trip ~ ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving

its the chilled glass..

cold beer, i mean who can refuse?


hey i felt the same about the beer too, no bloating feeling! loved the iced cold beer


can call me next time to join too?


Wow,...having beer without mug ! U must be damn thirsty or just a good drinker


rokh, babe: yeah! I usually stop cos i will feel bloated.. but dotn you wished we didnt have to work the next day?

ling239: hehehe very interesting indeed.. esp for a me (cos i'm not a beer drinker)

Joe: The chilled glass made a lot of difference...good stuff

Jackson: .. let me go bug BSG cos they said GAB GAB!

NyonyaChef: hahahah a little bit of both ;p

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