Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cooked alive

My best friend today is Edward. He told me today that "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

I set my alarm to ring at 4.45am so I can wake up in time for one of my odd ball meetings with the U.S folks. Since my wireless router (Damn that Linksys...I just found out the settings will only take effect if I save and reboot it.) is having problems with matching my laptop wireless adapter MAC with it's permit MAC address list, I had to pull the cable from my router outside to my laptop. 5 mins and a VPN connection later I noticed that the meeting was schedules for 4pm US Central time, that means its 6am here in KL. I was an hour early.

Fine. So I went back to sleep ... sleep ... sleep.

*ring ring* A colleague called. It was 11am. And I was blur. Answered a work related question and hung up. Went back to sleep.

I woke up at 1pm. ...and *jeng jeng jeng*. I missed my meeting.

Fast Forward to 4pm. Dad came back with the car from the service center. Dad gave me a look.. a look which I know I will not like what he is going to tell me.

My radiator pipe is leaking somewhere. The repairman added green coolen to find the hole in the pipes. (There are green patches on the floor under my car now.. *sign*) I need to get that fixed.

My back driver side suspension is messed up. I kind of know that already because the car is unstable when I make corners. Damn the port holes! I need to get that fixed.

Wiper replaced.

My passenger side back seat door.. well, all I can say is that it took me a couple of days to find out that where that sloshing sound came from. Initially I thought there was a water bottle at the back which was causing the sound but I found out that during a rainy day, the water sips through the window's rubber into the hollow of the door.

The last and the most expensive part to replace... the %#&(*^$@@#^&()*^%#@ gearbox. According to the repairman, the Perdana's gearbox is known to have issues. The one on the car right now was actually replaced before. This will be the third time replacing it. I knew this was coming... having gear box issues for a bit now... was just too lazy to send the car for "full body check up".

Well my day be better? I hope so... cos I'm feeling like the fish below. Cooked alive.

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14 pieces of worms:

cindy khor

ok..that fish frying thing is gross...and really inhuamne...but hopefully your car turns out alright after all the repairing...haha...and i do think that your situation is quite similar to the fish

Lyrical Lemongrass

OMG, why did I watch that video? :-(

Hey, stay cool, Teckiee. Tomorrow will be better. :-)


cindy: ...*sign* if me = the fish.. i hope i taste nice HAHA

LL: freaky huh.. eating a "alive cooked fish"...

Precious Pea

I really like your blog's new look. So cool!!! I decided not to watch the video and let it spoil my Monday....cos it's is already blueee enuff. Haha!


dun worry gurl, this too will pass ;-)


This the time to holler 'gambatei' or s'thing like that, no?

=P obviously m not a manga fan.


Seems like 50% of the problems related to the car.

*casts Resurrection & Blessing!

Big Boys Oven

gosh Life . . . . . . . but I guess the day will be brighter soon! :)


Then let us cook you ! We know a lot about older cars.

The easiest thing to do is for you to get a new virgin err the city


p.pea: heheh not too cartoonee and childish meh? i want to change it.. but no time

Babe: I hope so.. any idea where i can find some extra $ to fix the car?

Tummythoz: hahaha ngam ngam ganbatte!

Jason: HAHAHA what game have you been playing?

BBO: life is a fish? haha

BSG: no marnee GAB when? and i'm back to Pangkor 1st week of apr


OMG. how u gonna put those slices of RAW fish (raw-er than sashimi!) into your mouth?!!!

Chinese can be sooooooo ... exotic.


How to fail the chef, the fish will definitely moved its mouth i.e. in pain. Oouch!


j2kfm: i dont know man.. i'll need to do to china for that

worldwindows: ouch? .. i think its more like ahhhhh


these people should be cooked alive themselves, crazy morons!

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