Saturday, February 21, 2009

Keep? Or not?

I know I know. CNY is over so why all the red decorations? Well, read on and you will find the connection.

This is the light lantern out at the porch of my house. Mom purposely bought a nice red one to match with her other CNY decorations.

The red blink blink decor surrounding the top of the main door out front. The blink blink was with us for a couple of years already.. only taken out during CNY.

The CNY "ang ang" (red red) Chinese banner. Honestly, I think it was red overload. Lookings more like someone was getting married at home! HAHA!

If you think the red stops there? Well, nope. This clay thing, I call urn because really looks like those cheap urns in Chinese ghost stories (Kiong Si). Mom heard that and scolded me. She said that they were wine bottles. (hmm ok la, but looks more like urn to me)

So anyway, I went back to my old home and continued my packing and I came across my Coke (The drink, not the drug haha) collection. I have a couple of Pepsi too but they are not as pretty as my Cokes.

I bought this from Vietnam because the can reminded me of flowery fireworks.

This, I forgot. HAHAHA! But.. 2005's New Year... I guess I bought this somewhere late 2004 to early 2005 from.. well, not sure where I bought this from. Hm....

My favorite can of Coke is this one with the Polar bear. This is a 2000 can from Italy. This was one of the reasons why I started to collect Cokes (thought not very actively).

My small collection of cokes. ...

I am thinking of not keeping them anymore because I don't have space for them at my new place. ...but I'll miss the cans of Coke!

Keep? Or not?

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Keep oni!

Have a section where you display all your novelty items of past collections. Your cokes would fit in snugly there. =)



hey..iknwo wat u mean..i periodly throw stuffs awy cos of space constraints..but me thinks these may b collectable items(tho might only b valuable in 2050 ;p), so yeah..dun throw & use as display?



Precious Pea

If you don't intend to keep, sell!! Worth quite a lot you know. I can't remember where but there is a place sell old collection of Coke. Who knows? It might earn you some pocket money for your Bali trip.


I can keep your Coke cans for you. I collect Coke cans =)


put on more hanging shelves at yr bedroom and keep them. can fetch higher price in 10 years time :P


If you wanna give it away, can consider giving it to me. I like the polar bear one - don't mind buying it from you. I'm a collector


From the earlier comments, think your title can be 'Sell? Or not?'

The Cooking Ninja

U can either give it away to a friend u know who is collects coke bottles or sell them on ebay. I'm very sure there are bidders out there for it.


Keep keep!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

HAHAHA...i just realised the new layout..


guys.. I dont know man. It's still sitting in the old house. I think I'll wait until my Bali trip.. if I see nice can of cokes there.. then i shall continue the collection.. if not.. I think I'll run a contest or something ..LOL


Hard to let go esp there is sentimental value. I try dumping/giving stuff I do not use for 6-12 months to create space. But coke cans are so small can easily create space. Keeplah.


worldwindows: i'm keeping it for now .. but dont know how long i'll keep it until i throw em out..


Very authentic decor, ma. Can keep as permanent pieces. Enhance the Oriental flavor of your place with contemporary Chinese art prints!

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