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Vegetarian steamboat

"So all 6 of us are going to celebrate our birthday together." The 6 of us was actually my mom and 5 for her "zhi mui" (highschool girl friends / sisters). Since their birthday fall so close to each other, they decided to meet up to have a nice dinner with all 6 of them with friends and family.

One of my mom's zhi mui suggested for a vegetarian dinner. All 6 of them believed it was better for karma and health to avoid meat (the killing of animals I guess) on their big birthday dinner.

A normal vegetarian dinner would be quite boring so all of them opt for a vegetarian steamboat at Bangsar Tea Club. The tea club is actually a corner teress house along Jalan Telawi 6 behind Mc'Donalds and in front of the BP petrol station. The house was renovated turned into a place to hold private functions. Really nice place and surprisingly not expensive!

The hall could fit about 25 people. They also have a smaller room for 12. (Which I feel I will find myself back there with another 11 more to have shabu-shabu!) Other than vegetarian steamboat, they have tom yam, shabu-shabu and local cuisine .

But of course, it's not really about the food, it's about the tea as well!

I tried asking of the type of tea blended in the few I have tried that night but sadly the boss wasn't in and folks who were running the place didn't know. I always wanted to try tea like these ever since I saw this curculating on email a couple of years ago.. and how I have!

I don't know the mix, but I tell you, all the teas were smooth and fragrant. The tea leaves are left in the hot water to "bloom" and while tea absorbed the water and settle, I could smell the fragrant from the tea and dried flower petal.

What I found unique about the tea was that it smelt different before and after the "bloom". It's like perfume (Go read the book or watch the movie! Perfume the story of a murderer), the first smell, the hours long smell, and the lingering smell after that. Good stuff.

I was babysitting one of the kids during dinner and boyyyy... I have never seen any other 10 year old boy who loves his tea so much! I think he was drinking tea more than eating this food.

The vegetarian steamboat consisted of quite basic stuff. Fresh vegetables, different types of mushrooms, tofu, yam and Japanese seaweed jelly.

If you noticed, there's none of those fake meat involved. I really like this concept of vegetarian steamboat because it's all about real vegeratbles and not processed vegetarian meat.

There were two types of tofu served that night. My favorite was the stuffed tofu skin. When the soup from the steamboat is absorbed by the tofu skin and cooks the minced vegetables and mushroom in it while retaining all the sweetness inside the tofu.

While I end most of my steamboats with noodles and a cracked egg in the soup, I ended this one by eating porridge!

All we did was sit back and let the folks at Bangsar Tea Club cook the porridge. Rice was added in the soup with eggs and spring onions. A drop of sesame oil on the bowl of porridge and violah! Good stuff!

To end the dinner, we were served apple flavored konyaku jellies.

...and red bean tong sui.

Overall a very nice meal. Love the ambiance, love the privacy, love the food.. and love this kid who is so so cute and sporting to cam whore for me! hehehe!

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didnt know there was such a plc! nowadays loads of vege outlets popping up that's more upmarket..i normally hv my veg meals in kopitiams..hehe

Precious Pea

Ooo..the absence of mock meat is a good sign. I don't mind having this kind of vegetarian meal! How much per pax?

cindy khor

reminds me of the typical jap steamboat where they have tofu and straw mushrooms and cabbages and the rice would be poured into the soup for the last round...


thenomadGourmand: I spoke to a chef at sunway hotel recently.. he mentioned the eating market if focusing on vegetarian and healthy eating now.. I guess many more of this places to pop but.. thoo..i think BTC is not that new.

P.Pea: RM40 per pax, 10% service tax. You can order separate meats (chicken also but extra charges to pre order too.

cindy: actually the soup base was very japanesy.. its a miso soup base.

Simon Seow

This is what vegetarian meal should be. Not vegetarian goose lah, vegetarian duck, pork or whatever fake meat that might be even more unhealthy than real meat.

Wei, if you plan the shabu-shabu trip, invite me too.


Me three! ;o)


The booming flower tea so pretty~~

Nic (KHKL)

vegetarian steamboat? woah, first time me hearing this la. where is the carnivorous teckiee i know??? hahaha! still, interesting stuff.


i thot they only serves tea. i thot they were close cos i saw renovation going on few months back :p

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

didnt know a vege place can look so chic! so fancy, very new age indeed, will go to one of these if i ever hv the opportunity! thx for the review and recommendation Teckiee!


Everything is real pure green & white and good but those handsome ladies & wholesome men are missing...


But I like my vegetarian goose-wor. Then again, it would spoil such lite & healthly steamboat.


I spied the fu peh baggies. Yum.


I saw the tea on AFC before... very pretty when the flower is in full bloom in the tea pot!


simon, wmw: ;P ok

mimid3vils: yeah.. each combination of tea looks like a different flower too.. cool stuff.

nic: hahaha ..I need to follow trend also ma.. people eat healthy.. i also eat healty (but of cos I still have my char siew! haha)

babe: Food too...but I think the main idea was still tea.

mush: ahhh now its the time for the "healty eating" concepts

backStreetGluttons: your messages is always hard to decipher man..

tummythoz: i think they are quite flexi... you can bring in your own vege stuff provided they dont have them on their menu.

worldwindows: ohh that one yum yum.. i tell you..the juice in it.. its like eating siew long pau

Jason: Nice hor? it taste nice =)


sory,ur can let me know
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