Friday, March 27, 2009

Tong Kee egg tarts

I thought of the egg tart which I heard so much good reviews about in Damansara Uptown area so after Jackson Burger, I suggested to JellyBean that we head there. Since we drove pass Taman Paramount area, a detour! Landed in O&S (not ONS *ahem* if you know what I mean ;P) but too bad... it was close shop time and every stall was already cleaning up. No prawn noodles, no Penang Chee Cheong Fun, no Yong Tau Foo, no fried Kuey Teow.

We ended up in SS2 Cheow Yang's Lim Mee Yoke coffee shop for Har Mee, but gadget talk all the way. And... I finally put film into my new 3 lens robot toy camera!

Ok.. maybe it's not a toy because the instructions clearly states "This is not a toy" ..heh -_-"

Anyway, we went to Tong Kee in Damansara Uptown after that. Had to ring WMW a couple of times to locate the shop. I think I was blind or something because I passed by the shop and could see it.

I have heard of Tong Kee egg tarts ever since I started working in KL. People always say that if I come early to work and have the time, I should hit Jalan Pudu to take away some fresh egg tarts because they rock. Funny, ...because the whole four years working in KL, I never once manage to grab egg tarts there.

Still funny, because when Tong Kee opened a branch in Damansara Jaya, I didn't go pick them up but I had to wait tell I moved 40 minutes away to find myself back to P.J area for food. LOL!

RM1.30 for the egg tart. Was it worth it? Well, I though it was just so so. Maybe it's be and my high expectations again but I doubt it because JellyBean agreed with me. Maybe it was because it was in the evening and the tarts were cold. The pastry was still flaky, but not fragrant with lard. The egg custard part was a let down because it wasn't as fragrant as I have imagined. Tong Kee should really invest in some of those lights which will keep food warm.

Lesson learned, never but cold egg tarts.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Jackson Burger

Jelly Bean was talking about Kin Kin pan mee and stillll Kin Kin pan mee. ...even more pan mee now. This is one techie and teckiee writer who loves his pan mee. (HAHAHA! ..ok ok a little Shiok Sendiri but Hey! it rhymes ma)

Anyway, it's not pan mee we hunted, but burger!

All I knew that we were hunting for a white moving van selling burger near a park in Section 14. I tell ya, it took us quite sometime to find Jackson's burger even with JellyBean's GPS.

Jackson Burger actually reminded me of this anime that I enjoy watching called Nana. One of those chick anime that I relate too... haha. There's a bar in the anime called Jackson's, and they serve good burgers there!

So after rounding Section 14 area from the mosque to Federal Academy of Ballet to Digital Mall, we ended up driving towards Piccadilly. It was odd because I saw a Jalan 14/27, and Jalan 14/28, but then Jalan 14/30? Who ate Jalan 14/29?

We later found out that Dato Abdul Aziz ate the road. LOL! Jalan 14/29 is also known as Jalan Dato Abdul Aziz. That was why Jalan 14/29 wasn't found on the map.

Was the burger worth the hunt? Well, I guess it was ok lah. I like it because the burger was made there and then and we had a place to sit beside the waterfront (aka the longkang la ;p) and it was a hot but windy day. Texture wise was superb. The bun was soft on top but crispy and fragrant with the smell of margarine. The chicken patty was soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside. The burger lost out on the taste part maybe because of my choice of meat. I should have ordered a beef burger... not chicken. Oh, and I'll make sure I request for addition cheese the next time I'm there.

So where to next? Wait for the next post ;p

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baa baa L.E.D. sheep!

A real lazy post because I'm on-call this week and I'll be at work this weekend. Boohoo!

Something just for fun. Don't they look bling bling delicious? HAHA!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wong Ah Wah

Being a food blogger does not mean I know everything about food. And even if I have heard good review about something, it doesn't mean I have tried it.

Wong Ah Wah's chicken wing is one of those topics that pop up when talking about food in KL Jalan Alor area. Guess what, it's not until last week (it was last week right? .. the night KL was flooded di banjir kilat) did I actually try the famous Wong Ah Wah chicken wings.

Chicken Wings RM4.20 for a pair of chicken wings. Was it really that yummy? No.

I was quite disappointed actually. I was expecting something above average but the chicken wings served tasted like any other chicken wing. Boo hoo. I did thought that I got the wrong stall but nope... the folks around me were ordering chicken wings and when my bill came, it was Wong Ah Wah chicken wings stated clearly on the header. I think I'll just head to Restaurant Ramai for wings.

...I would even rate my plate of Lou Shi Fun (RM6) higher than the chicken wings. *sign* Disappointed. The Lou Shi Fun noodles were actually not bad. They had the lard in it and enough black soya sauce to give it the flavor. I did find it a tad oily but that's ok..

..there's the Johnson and Johnson oil film to remove oil!

HAHA! You know I'm just joking right? ;p

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


*bong!* That's one of my colleague hitting my head with an empty mineral water bottle. Why?

Me: A&W ah? Don't want la. I only like their wafers.
C: No la, try their chicken. It's nice.
Me: Har.. don't want la. When it comes to chicken, A&W don't come to my mind.

But after one dinner at A&W with WMW and Jason, A&W is all about wafers and deep fried chicken!

Me: Eh let's go have fried chicken today.
C: Ok.. KFC I guess.
Me: No la, A&W chicken is nice!
C: HEHHH I told you so! *bong*


Root beer, a must when I'm at A&W. Root beer is like beer.. without the alcohol.. with the root... HAHAHA ok I was joking.. but I do like my A&W root beer.

I'm actually thinking of Carlsberg right now.. hm.. would be damn cool to have a huge mug of booze to go with my waffles and chilies.

WMW pointed out a fries and chilies set that was new and on promotion. Since I like Connie Dog only for the chilies, I might as well get this set because it comes with my favorite curly fries. The late time I checked, this wasn't on the menu anymore. I wished the promotion ran all year round and the set is a permanent item on their menu because it makes such a good snack!

The A&W deep fried chicken! After having a bite of WMW's chicken, I found myself comparing KFC's chicken and A&W's. I do like KFC, but I like I like A&W's better.

And saving my favruit for the last. The A&W waffle! My dad used to take me and my family here (The first and the oldest A&W restaurant in Malaysia located in P.J State) after by ballet concert every year. And every year (actually every time I'm there) I will make my way to the waffle booth and order my own waffle.

Butter, maple syrup, strawberry sauce, chocolate, ice cream... but Jason helped me finish my waffle with chilies! Yum!

Maybe I have to spend sometime and start eating their hotdogs again. I haven't been eating A&W hotdogs for ages... I might start liking it again.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Fireman BBQ

*cat fight* ...that was my stomach last Thursday morning because I had to fast 12 hours for a blood test I was suppose to take. To celebrate a successful 12 hours fast (hahaha ok la, nothing to celebrate but I was glad Nat planned dinner for Thursday night. If it was Wednesday I wouldn't have made it), I went for a nice BBQ and steamboat buffet at Fireman in JayaOne. (They have another branch in The Curve)

When seated, we checked all the food we wanted on the order bill and waited for our BBQ session to start. There's also the vegetables and tofu list, and also noodles if you want. I like the fact that we didn't have to queue up for food. All we had to do to refill was to make another order. Buffet style for only RM19.90 per person.

We were served two types of sauce. The redder one is spicy and the brown sauce is on the salty side. I gave both a try and liked both of them. The spicy got a little too hot to handle so squeezed the lime in and got a sweet sour spicy sauce. Good stuff but I had to stick to the salty sauce because I didn't want my stomach to get too warm hehe.

Since I added the lime to the spicy sauce, I thought I add the garlic to the salty one. Good move! The garlic went really well with the salty sauce. I finished mine and actually took Nat's share.

While waiting for the orders to come, two large chunks of lard were placed on out hot plate. SLURP! It took the staff a couple of minutes to prepare the food so we had time to really oil the hot plate with the lard. The process is quite fun.. you get to see the oil dripping down to the soup as well (WHahaha I know.. some of you might be going EWWWWWUUUU already)

Our drinks came. Iced lemon tea and honey lemon tea both for RM3.50 each.

Then the good stuff came! We wasted a lot of stomach space on the fish balls and the processed food but lucky us we (actually I) checked the pork check box and the bacon came. Nat and I was really full at the end of the dinner but we decided we could handle one more plate of pork bacon. I tell you, this and the salty garlic sauce, HOT stuff!

I ordered the beef too Beef was juicy. Every piece we placed on the hot plate had it's juice flowing down. Wait.. or maybe it's just water? But can't be la, ...cos water would have just evaporated.

(come to think of it, I ordered all the more unhealthy stuff... heh) The liver. I usually have liver sliced in a triangle thicker strip. This was my first time having them thinly slices in their original rounded shape. I loved the liver and finished the whole plate. Nat don't take liver so I'm not hogging the food :P.

We ate other stuff as well but the rest we tried taste quite 'standard'. Fish balls and tofu, vegetables and mushrooms.

We took a break from the hot plate when this guy started performing. Quite impressive stuff because after the performance he dressed up and served us food. Though time man.. he have got to play two roles at the restaurant.

Anyway, after all the cooking you will very likely find the layer of oil floating in your soup. I was disgusted at first but remember, you fried all that meat and stuff on the oil before it hit the soup. Push the oil away and try the soup. Perfect to go with noodles!

We stopped eating but the waiter was confident that we would keep ordering food and keep the plate hot. He placed fresh pieces of lard on the hot plate... That's really a lot of oil from the two pieces of lard we had earlier.

We were lucky that night because before we left, this other guy came up for another performance. I like this stage presence.

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