Thursday, March 12, 2009


*bong!* That's one of my colleague hitting my head with an empty mineral water bottle. Why?

Me: A&W ah? Don't want la. I only like their wafers.
C: No la, try their chicken. It's nice.
Me: Har.. don't want la. When it comes to chicken, A&W don't come to my mind.

But after one dinner at A&W with WMW and Jason, A&W is all about wafers and deep fried chicken!

Me: Eh let's go have fried chicken today.
C: Ok.. KFC I guess.
Me: No la, A&W chicken is nice!
C: HEHHH I told you so! *bong*


Root beer, a must when I'm at A&W. Root beer is like beer.. without the alcohol.. with the root... HAHAHA ok I was joking.. but I do like my A&W root beer.

I'm actually thinking of Carlsberg right now.. hm.. would be damn cool to have a huge mug of booze to go with my waffles and chilies.

WMW pointed out a fries and chilies set that was new and on promotion. Since I like Connie Dog only for the chilies, I might as well get this set because it comes with my favorite curly fries. The late time I checked, this wasn't on the menu anymore. I wished the promotion ran all year round and the set is a permanent item on their menu because it makes such a good snack!

The A&W deep fried chicken! After having a bite of WMW's chicken, I found myself comparing KFC's chicken and A&W's. I do like KFC, but I like I like A&W's better.

And saving my favruit for the last. The A&W waffle! My dad used to take me and my family here (The first and the oldest A&W restaurant in Malaysia located in P.J State) after by ballet concert every year. And every year (actually every time I'm there) I will make my way to the waffle booth and order my own waffle.

Butter, maple syrup, strawberry sauce, chocolate, ice cream... but Jason helped me finish my waffle with chilies! Yum!

Maybe I have to spend sometime and start eating their hotdogs again. I haven't been eating A&W hotdogs for ages... I might start liking it again.

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21 pieces of worms:


Haha, I just wrote a entry of A&W also :P I must go to have their waffle since there are so many good reviews on it!!!

Nic (KHKL)

now they have fries and chilies? omg, it's abt time, i'd say! haha! well, no buns to go with my chilies from now on...yay!


when do they have chilli fries? still on?


their Coney Dog's my fav, though the size had shrunk to 3/4 of the original.

been so many years since Ipoh has an A&W. if they run another curly fries+chillies promo I'll go all out, til klang valley n beyond (hehe, over eh?) for some extra calories+cholesterols!

"Joe" who is constantly craving

nothing like beers and not getting drunk hahaha...

only root beer hor..

and that looks like alot of chillies compared to what they put in a coney dog!


I like the chicken from A&W too! =D Waffle with chillies?? Nice ah?

Penang Tua Pui

wa.. everyone is hunting and write abt A&W... hmm.. never try their fried chicken... ,, will go and have a bite soon...


always liked the rootbeer and the waffles...but have NEVER try before fried chicken...seriously good??


Cous D : It Taste like Chicken!


hmm must give it a try again cos when i last have their waffles 2 years back they were lousy :( i was so upset then.

A&W please gimme back my yummy waffle!


We like the A&W in PJ State , the Grand Classic ! The great grandfather of Malaysian American fast food ! Where after Club Syabas ( those days ) here we come with all da girls ( also before we come )

wonder if its still there ? ( you never know )


I go there for Coney dog and Root Beer with lots of float.


I agree 100%. A&W chicken is good. Though I wouldn't rate it better than KFC. Guess that to me both have their own unique qualities.


mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

besides the NO KFC and STARBUCKS here, we also do not hv A&W!! so not only i miss my cheesecakes and fancy drinkable coffees and delicious fried chickens, i also miss rootbeer A&W style!!! BIG sigh, cant wait to go back home later this year!!! i shall eat till i explode! hahahahhah


oh oh oh... i miss A&W actually! it's been ages since i last have a rootbeer float from here ;P

Big Boys Oven

wow! so delicious . . . same like you I never consider their fried chicken except KFC hahahaha not the KFC but Klang Fried Chicken! lol! yes when I think of fried chicken, now I think of Klang Fried Chicken and yao yao ping! for A&W , I just love tier waffles and root beer!

Big Boys Oven

heheheheh We had listed you as BBO's dessert taster!!!!! heheheheh!

Simon Seow

Wah, new theme. Yeah, I've been patronizing A&W, PJ State since I was a kid. Fries with chili, slurp. Also, no other restaurant can come out with Rootbeer Float as yummy as A&W.


mimid3vils: LOL! Yeah I saw your post.. you reminded me about the couple of pics I have.

nic, vivien: I dont think they have it anymore. I ate there during the fasting month last year.. very long time ago.

j2kfm: even McD's and KFC burger shrink lo.. BK also.

Joe: hahahah! yeah.. a lot compared to the hot dog.

Bangsar Babe: oh yes! but too bad they dont sell the chilie and fries anymore. So no more putting chilies on my waffles.

Penang Tua Pui: LOL! Actually I read Mimid3vil's post... that reminded me that I have this saved on draft for a very long time.

rokh: Yes! You have to try it.

Cous D: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA next time A&W.. no no KFC

BabeKL: ehhh nice woor.. you should try again :)

backStreetGluttons: eh the club still there what.. even Shah Village is there. Quite place but actually quite nice hor?

worldwindows: I like Coney dog but I haven been eating it for ages.. the waffles always get to me first.

nat: true also.. the cooking style is diff

nora: hmm you you think I can post a can of A&W to you? I dont mind ;p .. or maybe you want instant curry or something hehehe

christine: hehe why do you need root beer when you can have all the beer over there?!

BBO: Klang ah? where? which part? and hehe when can I come taste?

simon: I think most of us (our age one lah hehe) remembers A&W, PJ State a lot.


Don't you sometimes sick of McD and KFC? Luckily sini ada Wendy's, BK and A&W :P


Jason: hahaha i only wish they open more joints in KLCC.

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