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Fireman BBQ

*cat fight* ...that was my stomach last Thursday morning because I had to fast 12 hours for a blood test I was suppose to take. To celebrate a successful 12 hours fast (hahaha ok la, nothing to celebrate but I was glad Nat planned dinner for Thursday night. If it was Wednesday I wouldn't have made it), I went for a nice BBQ and steamboat buffet at Fireman in JayaOne. (They have another branch in The Curve)

When seated, we checked all the food we wanted on the order bill and waited for our BBQ session to start. There's also the vegetables and tofu list, and also noodles if you want. I like the fact that we didn't have to queue up for food. All we had to do to refill was to make another order. Buffet style for only RM19.90 per person.

We were served two types of sauce. The redder one is spicy and the brown sauce is on the salty side. I gave both a try and liked both of them. The spicy got a little too hot to handle so squeezed the lime in and got a sweet sour spicy sauce. Good stuff but I had to stick to the salty sauce because I didn't want my stomach to get too warm hehe.

Since I added the lime to the spicy sauce, I thought I add the garlic to the salty one. Good move! The garlic went really well with the salty sauce. I finished mine and actually took Nat's share.

While waiting for the orders to come, two large chunks of lard were placed on out hot plate. SLURP! It took the staff a couple of minutes to prepare the food so we had time to really oil the hot plate with the lard. The process is quite fun.. you get to see the oil dripping down to the soup as well (WHahaha I know.. some of you might be going EWWWWWUUUU already)

Our drinks came. Iced lemon tea and honey lemon tea both for RM3.50 each.

Then the good stuff came! We wasted a lot of stomach space on the fish balls and the processed food but lucky us we (actually I) checked the pork check box and the bacon came. Nat and I was really full at the end of the dinner but we decided we could handle one more plate of pork bacon. I tell you, this and the salty garlic sauce, HOT stuff!

I ordered the beef too Beef was juicy. Every piece we placed on the hot plate had it's juice flowing down. Wait.. or maybe it's just water? But can't be la, ...cos water would have just evaporated.

(come to think of it, I ordered all the more unhealthy stuff... heh) The liver. I usually have liver sliced in a triangle thicker strip. This was my first time having them thinly slices in their original rounded shape. I loved the liver and finished the whole plate. Nat don't take liver so I'm not hogging the food :P.

We ate other stuff as well but the rest we tried taste quite 'standard'. Fish balls and tofu, vegetables and mushrooms.

We took a break from the hot plate when this guy started performing. Quite impressive stuff because after the performance he dressed up and served us food. Though time man.. he have got to play two roles at the restaurant.

Anyway, after all the cooking you will very likely find the layer of oil floating in your soup. I was disgusted at first but remember, you fried all that meat and stuff on the oil before it hit the soup. Push the oil away and try the soup. Perfect to go with noodles!

We stopped eating but the waiter was confident that we would keep ordering food and keep the plate hot. He placed fresh pieces of lard on the hot plate... That's really a lot of oil from the two pieces of lard we had earlier.

We were lucky that night because before we left, this other guy came up for another performance. I like this stage presence.

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seems like a lot of things to discover at jaya one! :)

Lyrical Lemongrass

Sounds interesting. I like going to Jaya One coz I'm always able to find parking there. :-)

Big Boys Oven

this looks cool! sounds like a good night out!


The hot plate and the lard pieces reminded me very much about Bangkok. I like the look of the bacon slices. Good eats for rainy and cool nights.


aiyo ... so much lard, oil and LIVER?!!!!

can you take the heat?!!! (from the food and the performances ... hehehe)

Nic (KHKL)

oh, u hv a video as well! hahaha...yeah, like LL, i think parking's a breeze here! ;)


Omg omg omg!!! Please burn the full video for me. ahahaha. =P

Ahem* No.1



Should try bbq plaza in 1u or sunway pyramid. i bet you'l favour its bacon and their unique sauce.

p/s:buy a copy of March'ifeel' magazine and there's a 'buy 1 free 1 ' voucher in it.
Throw me an email and i'l almost welcome to share the 'free 1' anytime!! :p
Good try!

550ml jar of faith

Awesome stuff!! Entertainment while your food cooks in front you... I am loving this concept!


rokh: hahahah yeahhhh ;p

ll: oh yes yes..but do you find the parking there a bit narrow? .. or is it just me?

BBO: yeah it was.

worldwindows: yeah.. circular and the fats is in the middle so it gives oil/moisture to the meat outside.

j2kfm: lard oil liver.. sap sap sui la.. performance?...hahaha ;p

Nic: haha of cos .."fireman" ma haha if you know what i mean ;p

Nat: hahahaha wait till you get hold of the other videos!

madeleine: Tried BBQ Plaza before... I think Firehouse is nicer.

550ml jar of faith: Grab a seat at the lower floor is there's space. It's close to the action.

mimid3vils they have buffet!!! With reasonable price too, nice one!!


mimid3vils: yeah..all you can eat for 19.90. way more interesting than heading to yuen yuen for steamboat


The performance reminds me of Bangkok. Haha. Even the music was similar!

ck lam

Blog walking to your place.

Its a totally new way of having bbq...the hot plate looks different and the shape of the slices of liver... its cool to watch a performance at the same time.


jason: hahaha yeah!! eh but clubbing with thailand's song actually quite fun.

ck lam: Nice concept huh.. Thailand have many restaurants like these..not too sure if they have performance though.

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