Monday, March 23, 2009

Jackson Burger

Jelly Bean was talking about Kin Kin pan mee and stillll Kin Kin pan mee. ...even more pan mee now. This is one techie and teckiee writer who loves his pan mee. (HAHAHA! ..ok ok a little Shiok Sendiri but Hey! it rhymes ma)

Anyway, it's not pan mee we hunted, but burger!

All I knew that we were hunting for a white moving van selling burger near a park in Section 14. I tell ya, it took us quite sometime to find Jackson's burger even with JellyBean's GPS.

Jackson Burger actually reminded me of this anime that I enjoy watching called Nana. One of those chick anime that I relate too... haha. There's a bar in the anime called Jackson's, and they serve good burgers there!

So after rounding Section 14 area from the mosque to Federal Academy of Ballet to Digital Mall, we ended up driving towards Piccadilly. It was odd because I saw a Jalan 14/27, and Jalan 14/28, but then Jalan 14/30? Who ate Jalan 14/29?

We later found out that Dato Abdul Aziz ate the road. LOL! Jalan 14/29 is also known as Jalan Dato Abdul Aziz. That was why Jalan 14/29 wasn't found on the map.

Was the burger worth the hunt? Well, I guess it was ok lah. I like it because the burger was made there and then and we had a place to sit beside the waterfront (aka the longkang la ;p) and it was a hot but windy day. Texture wise was superb. The bun was soft on top but crispy and fragrant with the smell of margarine. The chicken patty was soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside. The burger lost out on the taste part maybe because of my choice of meat. I should have ordered a beef burger... not chicken. Oh, and I'll make sure I request for addition cheese the next time I'm there.

So where to next? Wait for the next post ;p

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19 pieces of worms:


here's a piece of worm for ya ...

1st up, congrats on being featured in NST. i didnt even know ur name so long one!! =P

secondly, the burger looks nothing special, not sloppy/messy enough.


Thought it would have reminded you of our very busy and famous flogger instead :oP



A hint of geek-ness! Reminds me of college times. Behehehhee.


looks like ramly pattie?


I've yet to try their chicken/beef burgers. I eat their prawn burger, which isn't on the menu. And I add egg + cheese! =D

Nic (KHKL)

gotta lurve that new banner yo! ;D


Our roadside burgers may be short on some processes but always long on just of the hot pan goodness. Love it all the time when I stop by.


autograph pleaseeee kekeke


Goodness! He's still around!! I started eating his burgers when I was still in secondary school more than 20 years ago!! And when I got married, I introduced him to my hubs and every now and then whenever we felt peckish in the late afternoon, we'd pay him a visit. He should be an institution by now!! :D

Life VS Food

is it nice?
i should give it a try the next time i'm heading to SS14!

soon seng

I know this one! I've had it once, with Kickapoo from a glass bottle..


You like burger ah ? Not Jackson ?
Great , next time we bring you on a midnight run and hunt for meat inbetween toast ok !


yeah, think the beef pattie would have been more flavourful.. can imagine the yummy buns though :)


Wah, how did you know about this burger ah?


j2kfm: hahahaha what la... burger need to look sloopy to be nice one meh?

WMW: Aiyah this Jackson.. hopefully 4th will be fun!

Nat: hahaha's so me right?

thenomadGourmand: Nope.. not ramli.

Bangsar-bAbE: Prawns? ehhh I want! .. hmm have to special order or what?

nic: hahaha tqtq ;p

worldwindows: I disagree. Roadside burgers totally dont cut short on processes. Can't find patty crispy like that in fastfood chains.

babe_KL: hehehe *muaks* kiss for you too hahahahah

GFAD: HAHAHAHAHA! He's still there... but his wife does all the cooking.

Life VS Food: worth a try... remember to ask for cheese =)

soon seng: Ehhh ..wait.. do they sell kickapoo there?

bsg: hahahaha yes yes Jackson is nice too hahaha (*ahem Jackson.. belanja makan kay*)

sc: i think its the beef juices that makes the patty good hor.

jason: WMW blogged about it.. and it was one nominated one of the best burger for voting in FriedChillies. But JellyBean took me there then only I realized Jackson burger was the burger that they blogged about.


I remember jogging past this establishment once quite some time back. Must pay a visit some time soon.

Big Boys Oven

at first I thought it was Jacksonkah's new venture! sure I will be the first one to que! but anyway I still try to look out for this one! heheheheheh

Trine Cooper

This is really a well laid out website. I like how you have presented your information in excellent detail. I found your blog looking for burgers. Excellent food-blogging! I love burgers. After reading it, I'm feeling hungry! I can't wait to try it. of course i will go in future this place and try jackson burger. My mouth is watering—amazing photo! thank you for posting and sharing it.


unka: ahh next time you can jog there to burn fat and pack on the burgers

BBO: HAHAHAHA actually you can suggest to Jackson on that

Trine: Thanks.. but I think the detail is for this post only cos we had a hard time finding the place even with a GPS!

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