Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wong Ah Wah

Being a food blogger does not mean I know everything about food. And even if I have heard good review about something, it doesn't mean I have tried it.

Wong Ah Wah's chicken wing is one of those topics that pop up when talking about food in KL Jalan Alor area. Guess what, it's not until last week (it was last week right? .. the night KL was flooded di banjir kilat) did I actually try the famous Wong Ah Wah chicken wings.

Chicken Wings RM4.20 for a pair of chicken wings. Was it really that yummy? No.

I was quite disappointed actually. I was expecting something above average but the chicken wings served tasted like any other chicken wing. Boo hoo. I did thought that I got the wrong stall but nope... the folks around me were ordering chicken wings and when my bill came, it was Wong Ah Wah chicken wings stated clearly on the header. I think I'll just head to Restaurant Ramai for wings.

...I would even rate my plate of Lou Shi Fun (RM6) higher than the chicken wings. *sign* Disappointed. The Lou Shi Fun noodles were actually not bad. They had the lard in it and enough black soya sauce to give it the flavor. I did find it a tad oily but that's ok..

..there's the Johnson and Johnson oil film to remove oil!

HAHA! You know I'm just joking right? ;p

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19 pieces of worms:


I think not oily lah:) unless it is flooded like that day.


really mou? heard so much rave reviews bout the WAW chicken wings ... hmmm, maybe ur expectation too high?

i've yet to try also. =P


i ate the wings a year back, it was really good, and the meat are dark as in well marinated

Precious Pea

Hmm..WAW chicken wings used to be really good...sad, maybe the chef went on holiday?? Haha..those are oil from your face rite??


Ahaha. I thought you use the paper to meresap some oil out from the chicken.

550ml jar of faith

So disappointing?? I was all ready to give this a go after all the ravings on trusted food blogs! Maybe it was an off night for Wong Ah Wah?


Maybe different ppl different taste bud? I'm quite like it actually :)


I find the quality of WAW wings inconsistent. The rest of the food, I avoid.


i noticed the size of the wings keep decreasing


i haven't tried this wings before! so i'm worst off than you, but guess i won't be trying base on your bad review :P

btw babe, maybe the chickens are shrinking? ha-ha


Shucks. But it's been a long time didn't go there... time for revisit!


We know why it isn't good because the fireman was cold from the rain and also BSG was not there to share your still very happy laughter


wah price went up again?? it was rm 1.8 then 1.9 then 2.1


wahh.price up and qualty dwn???
I myself havent tried..mayb i should.

Nic (KHKL)

haha, i've not been there too la!! and i go there for reflexology also sometimes. i tried the ones at peel road though.


worldwindows: har ..oily la. That shine in the pic..all the oil.. LOL. Without it would make it taste bad tho ;p

j2kfm: That's why I'm planning to give it a second try.

vivien: Funny.. cos I was expecting honey sweet.. but no honey sweet taste on my wings =(

Precious Pea: I'm hoping the see foo not there lor.

Nat: haha but could work dont you think?

550ml jar of faith: I was thinking that too.... maybe i was expecting too much... but then again.. even if I was, the wings was still just so so.

mimid3vils: I'm hoping its the inconsistance this that thummythoz is talking about.

thummythoz: no wonder. I might need to go there on the weekends.. maybe better?

babeKL: hahah KFC burger shrinking tooo ...haha... but at least the wings dont shrink that much.

rokh: Hmm maybe its just bad luck for me that day.

jason: I might join you. Give it a second try.

BSG: HAHAHAHA don't perasan la ;p Bring booze next time. Goes well with the chicken wings.

kampungboycitygal: Not sure leh.. my first time eating.. but our bill came up to RM70++ for 5 of us. Talk about "cheap" hawker food.

thenomadGourmand: I hope it was just that day ...many tried, many liked. Maybe you should give it a try.

nic: Eh reflexology ah. Jalan Alor or BB Walk area?

ck lam

I miss those lou siu fun, can't find them easily in Pg. A must have on KL trip.

Big Boys Oven

hahahahahha told you already so many times and you don't want to listen, still want to taste the chicken wings yourself, now you are poorer by Rm4.20! hahahahha . . . . I was just joking onli! :)

Simon Seow

I've been there a few times but always without my camera lol.

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