Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Isetan Japanese Lunch

So much to complete, so little time. I'm lucky if I get lunches and dinners in front of my PC. If unlucky, I don't get any at all.

One of my nicer lunch. Run out to pay bills and do last minute preparation shopping for my May getaway. Tapau lunch from Isetan before hitting back to the keyboards.

Unadon (RM7.90). Can't really enjoy my meals these days. Everything is a rush. It's so sad because at one time I didn't even notice that my tuna sandwich was actually a chicken sandwich until the last bite.

Saba Teriyaki/Shioyaki (RM7.90) supposed to taste nice. But I eat for the sake of eating, no longer to enjoy the *licks licks* of flavors.

*yawn* ...I just want to go home right now. I want to sleep. And then wake up to the box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts that my sis bought and gobble all of it down.

p/s I'll be MFI (not MIA but Missing For Action) for the next couple of days ... well actually more than a couple of days. I'll be up and down of the peninsular and off to Bali. w00t! I really need my holiday! If you see posts, they are most probably just scheduled post. I'll get to the pieces of worms you left me when I get back ;p

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have you done your taxes?

I wished there are a permanent jobs in the education industry called "Student". I get my monthly allowance to study, write thesis, dissect animals, flick test tubes, dismantle electronic equipments, play truant and of course, bully the teacher/lecturer. I don't need to care about bills and being nice to the boss because all I need to do is pay attention in class and pass my exams with flying colors. And of course, I would not have to pay taxes! Fixed monthly allowance is non taxable :p

I coughed out time to do my taxes during the weekend. Shocker. I'm paying way way wayyy more taxes compared to last year! Am I earning way way wayyy more? Heh.. I wish. Partly my fault also la I guess. I click on the "Saya Setuju" button too fast. I really didn't feel like searching of every single receipt and documents for my tax exemptions. With only kucimiao amount for exemptions, don't think I'll get out much from it anyway.

So... itulah konsequences kalau tak isi borang cukai dengan prihatin. I am again officially broke. And being broke resorted me in a few "Ngai Min Pau" lunch. This was one of my more interesting "Min Pau" lunch.

Nat initially thought that this was a chocolate bread loaf in the dark. But he went "Can eat one meh?!" when I told him it was actually charcoal bread. Charcoal tablets are supposedly consumed to help with stomach discomfort especially with the extra "wind" in the stomach.

Did the bread help me with discomforts? No idea. No typhoon in my stomach. Though... I was in a better mood after fixing up my favorite sandwich. Peanut butter and jam with cheese!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Heng Kee BKT

Yoke Kuat Char... is what Ansel would call it in Hong Kong. But *ei Kuai Lou ABC (American Born Chinese) Dennis knows it's Bak Kut Teh. For me, it's just pok pok pok! LOL!

Just some short explaination for those who are blur, Yoke Kuat Char is Cantonese. Bak Kut Teh in Hokkien.

Lesson 1:
Yoke/Bak = Meat
Kuat/Kut = Bone
Char/Teh = Tea

So I'm guess if you do a direct transalation, we were headed for Heng Kee's Meat Bone Tea in Old Town! Heng Kee used to operate from the road side. When business built up, they bought over a bounglow opposite the stall and made that into a BKT restaurant.

I think it was the first weekend Ensel was in KL that Jin took him out for BKT. I just tagged along for the makan. We ordered.. Poli sang choy.

Poli = Glass
Sang = Raw
Choy = Vegetables

Kam Chzem Ku aka Enoki mushrooms.

Kam = Gold
Chzem = Needle
Ku = Mushroom

Shitake mushrooms aka Tong Ku in Cantonese.

Tau Fo Pok. These are actually tofu balls which are deep fried and then soaked in the BKT soup.

I loveeee liver. I thought I would have to finish the whole bowl myself but surprisingly Dennis chow down most of these!

Pork belly meat! Some how I don't like belly meat when eating BKT. The meat is just too smooth.

Last but not least, the "guitar strings" aka "pai kuat". That's the ribs of the pig. I like this part of the pig because the meat is less fatty/fatless and I also like the texture of the layer of tissue sticking to the bone...especially when the meat is boiled long enough and goes all soft and smooth.

Pai = Row
Kuat = Bone

So there you go... BKT and all the direct translation ;p

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pasta De Gohan

I feel like one of John Grisham's character in his various legal thrillers. Why? The crazy workaholic lawyers work 18 hours a day and also spend their weekend and holidays in the office. I don't work 18 hours a day but working 12 - 17 hours a day is close enough. I also spent a weekend at the office and am going to spend more of them really soon.

Am I a workoholic? I don't think so. I think I'm just a slab of burger patty. Lazy and sitting on the plate with no bun. ...but still useful enough to be called a dish by itself (burger steak).

Kind of need to bust my butt working because of the additional sauce that was added on the steak. BLARNGARHGHGHGHhhg... guess that happens when you ignore too much. Ignorance is blissful, but only until the point which you can not ignore anymore. Ignore it further and you will be ignored! (Means kena stir fried ikan masin.. if you know what I mean)

I missed the times when I could work on auto pilot at work. Everything was easier. Everything was more manageble. The only time I could auto pilot now is when I leave home to work, and leave work to home, in the car. I wonder if that is a good thing because auto piloting can be dangerious, but I do like the fact that my cerebellum is now programmed to drive a car along that same route on the MEX highway.

I want my non-work life back. I miss the reds and the greens in my life. I miss the spice in my life.

...and I'm damn hungry la

I had the burger steak in Pasta De Gohan, Sunway Pyramid with WMW a while back. I did remember that the burger steak was quite nice. We also had J.Co after that!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Michelangelo's is currently my favorite place for a nice and comfortable dinning experience. I came here for UK boy's birthday last year and have been finding myself blabbering about how much I like the place. Funny thing is... I always don't have my camera with me when I have dinner here.

I heard mixed reviews about Michelangelo's but so far, Michelangelo's the Solaris branch have not disappointed me. Love the concept, superb service, relaxing ambiance, and I like their house wine! That's good because I hardly find wines that I like. ...oh and not forgetting alfresco dinning.

Agnello Al Forno (RM49.90). Roasted rack of lamb with garlic and fresh herbs crusts with shallot and mint sauce served with grated potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Michelangelo's lamb racks are definitely a must to try! The Agnello Al Forno was cooked to perfection. A little though on the cut but so juicy and succulent on the inside. The vegetables and potato condiments were also good and complemented the lamb really well. There's another lamb rack on the menu, (forgot the name but..) that was good too. But personally, I like the marinade and sauce on this Agnello Al Forno better.

On the Guinness Christmas Menu I tried the Angelo's Style Braised Chicken Leg (RM39.90) which I wasn't used to it at the first bite. The risotto absorbed the Guinness stout flavor which made it taste really... Stouty. I gave the risotto a second try and later learn to like the Stout combination. The chicken wings on the other hand was more acceptable to my taste. The bitter sweet Stout didn't get to the chicken as much it got to the risotto... but maybe that was because the chicken wings were marinated with other ingredients.

Fettucinne Quattro Formagi (RM29.90) is the best cheese base pasta that I have tasted so far. The cheesy combination of Asiago, Gorgonzolla, Feta and Mozzarella cheese was so so soooo darn good. (Ok la.. maybe I'm over ratting a weeee bit because I love Gorgonzolla... but this Quattro rocked!) I didn't like one thing about it though .... I had to share the pasta with the rest! :P Do try their tomato based pasta, I found them tantalizing my taste buds too!

The pizzas Michelangelo's aren't my favorite. The Pollo E Funghi (RM24.90) shredded chicken, mushroom, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and garlic basil sauce was just so so. The crust was nice but the topping lacks the "kick". I have tried a couple of the flavors and found that Romano was the nicer among the pizzas. (But I don't recommended it for folks who don't take olives)

The Panna Cotta me no like. I felt the marmalade was too strong for the Panna Cotta. The Panna Cotta would have been better off alone. And maybe lose some of the gelatin.

Overall, thumbs up! Anyone who wants to treat me to a nice dinner and wine.. *hint hint* HAHAHA!

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Old Asia, in One Utama

I remember the times when I was still studying. I use to hang out with my buddies a lot in One Utama. Back then there was only one block. Then came the block where the old Ikea resided. Yes yes, Ikea was once in One Utama ok. That block was called the new wing.... until

...the other block was built. Remember where Spoon used to be (It's Burger King now)? That was the "cool" hang out back then (well at least for the kiddos my age) and there you can also find Old Asia at the lower ground floor. Did you know there is (or maybe was) a small pool out back? You can actually take diving lessons there. But.. what fun is learning to dive in a shallow swimming pool?

Anyway... I was introduced to Old Asia by my buddy. "What's nice here?" I asked. And "Claypot lou shi fun" was his answer. You know.. I have never ordered anything else from Old Asia before other than claypot lou shi fun and drinks. All the other dishes I tried are just leach offs from people's plate.

Back then the soup was a little thicker, but now more watered down... but that's fine because the taste was still the same. I love the fragrant "har mai" aka "heh bee" and fried onions that comes with it. You have got to have it hot, so that the aroma of the claypot lou shi fun fills your nose and gets right down to your stomach. HHMmmm good stuff. Having the claypot lou shi fun reminded me of my good old hang out times in One Utama.

I'm glad that Old Asia is still around in One Utama even with the newer (aka the new block to most folks) and newest block (where Pick N' Brew is at) was built. I'm glad I can still find my favorite claypot lou shi fun there.

Now.. the only thing left to do is convert the Pan Mee addict who ordered this Tom Yam spaghetti to ditch pan mee and go lou shi fun!

Wait... not too sure what lou shi means? You have got to check this out.! Fun means noodles.

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