Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have you done your taxes?

I wished there are a permanent jobs in the education industry called "Student". I get my monthly allowance to study, write thesis, dissect animals, flick test tubes, dismantle electronic equipments, play truant and of course, bully the teacher/lecturer. I don't need to care about bills and being nice to the boss because all I need to do is pay attention in class and pass my exams with flying colors. And of course, I would not have to pay taxes! Fixed monthly allowance is non taxable :p

I coughed out time to do my taxes during the weekend. Shocker. I'm paying way way wayyy more taxes compared to last year! Am I earning way way wayyy more? Heh.. I wish. Partly my fault also la I guess. I click on the "Saya Setuju" button too fast. I really didn't feel like searching of every single receipt and documents for my tax exemptions. With only kucimiao amount for exemptions, don't think I'll get out much from it anyway.

So... itulah konsequences kalau tak isi borang cukai dengan prihatin. I am again officially broke. And being broke resorted me in a few "Ngai Min Pau" lunch. This was one of my more interesting "Min Pau" lunch.

Nat initially thought that this was a chocolate bread loaf in the dark. But he went "Can eat one meh?!" when I told him it was actually charcoal bread. Charcoal tablets are supposedly consumed to help with stomach discomfort especially with the extra "wind" in the stomach.

Did the bread help me with discomforts? No idea. No typhoon in my stomach. Though... I was in a better mood after fixing up my favorite sandwich. Peanut butter and jam with cheese!

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"Joe" who is constantly craving

wah so cham ar..

its funny how they say insufficient funds when i assume u have to pay it off but when theres a refund, they dont do it immediately..

550ml jar of faith

Kucimiao redemptions, haha I like that! Mine is done but I owe the govt money, although I paid in excess previous years and have yet to glimpse my refund...


Wei, that mim-pau not cheap-ler.

*sigh* Why govt's stimulus package no help reduce taxes? I pledge to shop to help the economy...


yay i have refund this year, but again it will take ages to reach me..time to ngai min bao too


wa where to get that min pao....looks good and sounds good ;)


Joe: Yeah la. And you know something weird.. I have my account info for them to bank in but still, they sent me a cheque last year. But ok la.. I still got my marnee back

550ml jar of faith: Eh you better go ask for it. The longer you delay..the more you will forget or get lazy..or worst.. the IRB will refuse to return your money!

Tummythoz: hehe the min pau sponsored my my mommy dearest ;p

kampungboycitygal: ..I think takes 2 to 3 months. I remembered I got my cheque in July for 2007's taxes.

rokh: From LesToast Olive. There are branches in Puchong Jaya, Pusat Bandar Puchong, one in Amcorp Mall and one in 19 digital mall in USJ.


whoa! ur face must be as hitam as ur min pau when u found out u paid more taxes than u shud :P at least u're not working in aus-- waaay too high taxes :<


Talk to your HR lah, ask them to carum more...


Jun: No la...was paying less but am ok with that. I rather pay less than pay more and not see my money until months later.

Unka: dont want la... carum more means more money sitting with them


Try doing business, you get 2 more months but still the same if it is year in year out. My solution: get a good tax agent. Those bread looked nasty!

Leonard Loh

I'm going to suggest to the Ministry of Finance of the new stimulus plan of mine.

From now on all food bills are tax deductible. just like books and magazinesThis will then stimulate national F&B business and guess what.. FOOD BLOGGER will be very very happy... and we will promote malaysian food + travel on international platform.

How cool is that!

Who knows, I may become the next Minister of Food (not the one in Pavillion, please)


So sad you r officially broke, hey i share my food lor. You come and tapau.

Note: Wah why the bread so interesting, black color !


It is so hard to sign the cheque addressing to LEMBAGA HASIL DALAM NEGERI. =.=|| I also kena pay a lot =.=~~~~

I feel your pain.


worldwindows: My dad sends is to one.. but I think I'm still not that the point (not so rich la hehe) for hiring one yet ;p

Leonard: HAHAHAHA I LIKEEEE how you think!

NyonyaChef: Well I won't say no to the offer!

email2me:*sign* yeah.. my pay just came in.. still very reluctant to pay la

JC @ Jessey

Im not sure whether I got my refund or not because........I haven't done for my taxes! =P Will "kao dim" it within this week then.. Hah..


JC: Got to pay IRB now since my salary is in.. *sign*

Peter Pan

Did someone say peanut butter?! :D

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