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Heng Kee BKT

Yoke Kuat Char... is what Ansel would call it in Hong Kong. But *ei Kuai Lou ABC (American Born Chinese) Dennis knows it's Bak Kut Teh. For me, it's just pok pok pok! LOL!

Just some short explaination for those who are blur, Yoke Kuat Char is Cantonese. Bak Kut Teh in Hokkien.

Lesson 1:
Yoke/Bak = Meat
Kuat/Kut = Bone
Char/Teh = Tea

So I'm guess if you do a direct transalation, we were headed for Heng Kee's Meat Bone Tea in Old Town! Heng Kee used to operate from the road side. When business built up, they bought over a bounglow opposite the stall and made that into a BKT restaurant.

I think it was the first weekend Ensel was in KL that Jin took him out for BKT. I just tagged along for the makan. We ordered.. Poli sang choy.

Poli = Glass
Sang = Raw
Choy = Vegetables

Kam Chzem Ku aka Enoki mushrooms.

Kam = Gold
Chzem = Needle
Ku = Mushroom

Shitake mushrooms aka Tong Ku in Cantonese.

Tau Fo Pok. These are actually tofu balls which are deep fried and then soaked in the BKT soup.

I loveeee liver. I thought I would have to finish the whole bowl myself but surprisingly Dennis chow down most of these!

Pork belly meat! Some how I don't like belly meat when eating BKT. The meat is just too smooth.

Last but not least, the "guitar strings" aka "pai kuat". That's the ribs of the pig. I like this part of the pig because the meat is less fatty/fatless and I also like the texture of the layer of tissue sticking to the bone...especially when the meat is boiled long enough and goes all soft and smooth.

Pai = Row
Kuat = Bone

So there you go... BKT and all the direct translation ;p

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20 pieces of worms:

550ml jar of faith

Only pai kuat will do when doing BKT! Ooh, I think I picked up a new Cantonese pronounciation today. I always thought that Enoki was always pronounced Kam "Cheng" Ku, not "Chzem"... that nuance of the Z makes it sound tons better...don't play play.

Leonard Loh

I love Pork Knuckle ("Kah Wan") in BKT though!!


Btw where exactly is this Heng Kee?


550ml jar of faith: LOL! I did take a while to figure how I should spell Enoki in Cantonese.

Leonard: You must like the joints part. Heng Kee is..ermm.. ok if you are coming from the MPPJ library, go straight to reach the main Old Town traffic light. Go straight and you will pass shop lots on your left. Turn left at the Old Town White Coffee shop. Heng Kee is at the corner bungalow house on the right. Easily spotted because there will be always a lot of people and bright lights.


Haha...if I go with you I'll sapu the pork belly and you can have all the ribs! =P

Simon Seow

PJ Old Town right?


bangsar babe: hahahhaha nice meh the belly? so geli la.. too smooth already.

Simon: yup that's the one. There's only one famous BKT there.


Now I prefer dry bak kut teh :P

Leonard Loh

We should do BKT outing sometime, one love ribs, one love belly, one love knuckles, so no conflict of interest...

My vegetarian ex-boss can come also, he can have the kam cheng ku mushrooms LOL!


"layer of tissue sticking to the bone...especially when the meat is boiled long enough and goes all soft and smooth" yessss..tats why i luvv the pai kuat!


Have you tried the clear soup version? It's got strong herbs taste though and taste not bad. There's a restaurant serving that behind my house. Wanna give it a go some time soon?



mimid3vils: Dry one tastes like pork fried the kam heong way to me. ..i like the herbal actually

Leonard: HAHAHAHA wahhh lucky your ex-boss, if not minus mark man haha

thenomadGourmand: wahahah kam cheng!!

Nat: eh can can. I like that style actually. Alisan mamak used to have. Have been there for sometime..not sure still open or not.


livers not my thing. sometimes too buttery lah ... very nauseating.

other than that, all pork's good!

Sugar Bean

Hahaha, this post is like a cantonese lesson to BKT and BKT's friends! Interesting!


j2kfm: buttery ah.. really? .. got to taste liver properly next time...goose yeah la.. but pig woor?

Sugar Bean: hahahahha actually i'm quite banana one la


Heng Kee does the best tungkus and taupoks!! I didn't know they have liver, must try next time. But where are the chee-thohs and chee-cheungs??


GFAD: The gang that I was haveing dinner with are not that keen on the internals. I didn't order more cos I have to finish the bowl of liver myself already..


Don't you just love cantonese? Such a descriptive language...Nigel said that over dinner last Sunday. Hahaha! Man, now I crave for BKT!


We know this shop pretty well , being start first open 5pm until 3am situated at the edge of the busy messy lane with dangerous rusty broken zinc roofs like about to fall down on one's head ! The fair square broad face Boss (and Chief Captain cum Chief Cashier) is very fast & he just takes 0.5 seconds to tally the 8 Big Dish + 4 small rice + 2 extra miscellaneous meat bone tea paperless bill and also can give you back your loose change within 15 secs but cannot come back to same figure after a recount...anyway his meatbonetea is first class as we remember it those days dunno about today with all the Indon maids maybe become 4 wives already !
hahahahahahaha !


Unka: Yeah it is but just don't translate everything lol

bsg: AHH i remember your post about this BKT and yeahhhh ..those days they had the zinc roof.. with it rains there's always water dripping down...freaking dirty lo last time.

ck lam

I like BKT too...and its great of you to even translate and explain the item from cantonese to english.

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