Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Isetan Japanese Lunch

So much to complete, so little time. I'm lucky if I get lunches and dinners in front of my PC. If unlucky, I don't get any at all.

One of my nicer lunch. Run out to pay bills and do last minute preparation shopping for my May getaway. Tapau lunch from Isetan before hitting back to the keyboards.

Unadon (RM7.90). Can't really enjoy my meals these days. Everything is a rush. It's so sad because at one time I didn't even notice that my tuna sandwich was actually a chicken sandwich until the last bite.

Saba Teriyaki/Shioyaki (RM7.90) supposed to taste nice. But I eat for the sake of eating, no longer to enjoy the *licks licks* of flavors.

*yawn* ...I just want to go home right now. I want to sleep. And then wake up to the box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts that my sis bought and gobble all of it down.

p/s I'll be MFI (not MIA but Missing For Action) for the next couple of days ... well actually more than a couple of days. I'll be up and down of the peninsular and off to Bali. w00t! I really need my holiday! If you see posts, they are most probably just scheduled post. I'll get to the pieces of worms you left me when I get back ;p

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12 pieces of worms:


hey enjoy ur deserved hols ya!


the unagi looks a bit strange, is it nice?


enjoy your holiday!


relax-you seemed so stress out.


Looking foward to your babi guling postS.


The unagi sauce look like too starchy?

PS: Happy Holiday!!!


eat for the sake of eat. That sound so sad.. you deserve a long holiday

ai wei

must really really enjoy ur holiday!!! ^__^


We know how it feels to catch the Before Bali Syndrome ( BBS ) but this normally also happens when you miss some Gluttons...called (mbsg) or missing bsg


Eat to live lah. Rest well.

gourmand extraordinaire

Ah, what is life without food right? DOWN WITH MAGGI MEE!!!

Sugar Bean

A nice lunch that you had. I remember Isetan used to offer nice bentos. Good for rush hours. :)

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