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Michelangelo's is currently my favorite place for a nice and comfortable dinning experience. I came here for UK boy's birthday last year and have been finding myself blabbering about how much I like the place. Funny thing is... I always don't have my camera with me when I have dinner here.

I heard mixed reviews about Michelangelo's but so far, Michelangelo's the Solaris branch have not disappointed me. Love the concept, superb service, relaxing ambiance, and I like their house wine! That's good because I hardly find wines that I like. ...oh and not forgetting alfresco dinning.

Agnello Al Forno (RM49.90). Roasted rack of lamb with garlic and fresh herbs crusts with shallot and mint sauce served with grated potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Michelangelo's lamb racks are definitely a must to try! The Agnello Al Forno was cooked to perfection. A little though on the cut but so juicy and succulent on the inside. The vegetables and potato condiments were also good and complemented the lamb really well. There's another lamb rack on the menu, (forgot the name but..) that was good too. But personally, I like the marinade and sauce on this Agnello Al Forno better.

On the Guinness Christmas Menu I tried the Angelo's Style Braised Chicken Leg (RM39.90) which I wasn't used to it at the first bite. The risotto absorbed the Guinness stout flavor which made it taste really... Stouty. I gave the risotto a second try and later learn to like the Stout combination. The chicken wings on the other hand was more acceptable to my taste. The bitter sweet Stout didn't get to the chicken as much it got to the risotto... but maybe that was because the chicken wings were marinated with other ingredients.

Fettucinne Quattro Formagi (RM29.90) is the best cheese base pasta that I have tasted so far. The cheesy combination of Asiago, Gorgonzolla, Feta and Mozzarella cheese was so so soooo darn good. (Ok la.. maybe I'm over ratting a weeee bit because I love Gorgonzolla... but this Quattro rocked!) I didn't like one thing about it though .... I had to share the pasta with the rest! :P Do try their tomato based pasta, I found them tantalizing my taste buds too!

The pizzas Michelangelo's aren't my favorite. The Pollo E Funghi (RM24.90) shredded chicken, mushroom, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and garlic basil sauce was just so so. The crust was nice but the topping lacks the "kick". I have tried a couple of the flavors and found that Romano was the nicer among the pizzas. (But I don't recommended it for folks who don't take olives)

The Panna Cotta me no like. I felt the marmalade was too strong for the Panna Cotta. The Panna Cotta would have been better off alone. And maybe lose some of the gelatin.

Overall, thumbs up! Anyone who wants to treat me to a nice dinner and wine.. *hint hint* HAHAHA!

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Let's go baybeh! I missed it once, Don't want to miss it again!



ai wei

i read of some the bad reviews last time. but now ur review has changed my mind. gonna give a try/ ^___^


" cheesy combination of Asiago, Gorgonzolla, Feta and Mozzarella cheese was so so soooo darn good" ...I'm SOLD!
but yea many bad comments n the meals i had at Pavillion was so bad i didnt bother to blog abt it!
mayb ordered the wrong thing hor??


we wan we want we wanna we One to treat you , and more

you got no camera but so nice juicy meaty pixs ooze out ! Bet you must be licking whole night long after that heheh

550ml jar of faith

I must commend the service at the Solaris outlet - the wait staff were extremely accommodating and proactive! Have they still got the Christmas menu now???


okay, i don't care about the bad reviews.. you had me at gorgonzolla.
the food looks delish. Note to self: do not bloghop with an empty stomach.

Leonard Loh

The food looks absolutely divine!!! As though art efforts by Michelangelo :D

These days I take camera with me WHEREVER I go, could look weird... but just ain't gonna miss any opportunity.


Nat: ya lo.. when when? ohh and i think you'll like the wine there.

ai wei: Avoid Pavillion, go to Solaris =)

thenomadGourmand: I think it's the branch at Pavillion la.. so far I have alwasys only eaten in Solaris.

backStreetGluttons: I tell ya, if I was at home eating the rack... i should have used my hands and suck the juicy done dry!

550ml jar of faith: Hm.. I had the Christmas menu last year.. backlog post hehehe.. i'm not sure if they still have it but you can try asking.

Shemah: LOL! Yay to Gorgonzola!! You know what..i just noticed that all the bad reviews are from the Pavillion branch. I think I should try the one at Pavillion and test the food out.


that lamb rack was cooked with one purpose in mind.

shoot up your cholesterol lvl. LOL.

Agnes Cheong

What a nice blog! Linked u ..heehee


Time to follow the beeline. Very nice. Hope serviced has steadied!


Price is on higher side~~ :(

Big Boys Oven

Did your finger touch anyone's finger that night at that place? must be fun!

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora

This reminds me of a restaurant with the same name in Singapore. It is located in Holland Village only ate there once, abit pricy but good! But i love the restaurant next to it called Original Sin, they are even better, hope u get to try that someday. I dont know if they r still there though!


that rack of lamb looks absolutely scrumptious! i wanna piece of that!


J2Kfm: ohh mann dont tell me! (anyway.. EFTL muahahaha)

Agnes: Thank you =)

worldwindows: Hm.. i hope the line isnt too long.. if not i wont be able to get tables for makan

mimid3vils: hmm the meat yes.. but pasta and pizza ok. wine reasonable too.

BBO: ah? touch finger? hold hand isit haha

Mush: Hm.. let me find out if there's a Michelangelo's in Singapore or not.

sc: yeah... wished the place wasnt so nice.. if not i could have used my hands and suck the bones dry! LOL

Big Boys Oven

aiyoh! you see the huge poster at the restaurant, that two men touch fingers rite?


BBO: HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHh sorry la.. me == blur. No la, didn't touch any fingers LOL!

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