Monday, April 06, 2009

Old Asia, in One Utama

I remember the times when I was still studying. I use to hang out with my buddies a lot in One Utama. Back then there was only one block. Then came the block where the old Ikea resided. Yes yes, Ikea was once in One Utama ok. That block was called the new wing.... until

...the other block was built. Remember where Spoon used to be (It's Burger King now)? That was the "cool" hang out back then (well at least for the kiddos my age) and there you can also find Old Asia at the lower ground floor. Did you know there is (or maybe was) a small pool out back? You can actually take diving lessons there. But.. what fun is learning to dive in a shallow swimming pool?

Anyway... I was introduced to Old Asia by my buddy. "What's nice here?" I asked. And "Claypot lou shi fun" was his answer. You know.. I have never ordered anything else from Old Asia before other than claypot lou shi fun and drinks. All the other dishes I tried are just leach offs from people's plate.

Back then the soup was a little thicker, but now more watered down... but that's fine because the taste was still the same. I love the fragrant "har mai" aka "heh bee" and fried onions that comes with it. You have got to have it hot, so that the aroma of the claypot lou shi fun fills your nose and gets right down to your stomach. HHMmmm good stuff. Having the claypot lou shi fun reminded me of my good old hang out times in One Utama.

I'm glad that Old Asia is still around in One Utama even with the newer (aka the new block to most folks) and newest block (where Pick N' Brew is at) was built. I'm glad I can still find my favorite claypot lou shi fun there.

Now.. the only thing left to do is convert the Pan Mee addict who ordered this Tom Yam spaghetti to ditch pan mee and go lou shi fun!

Wait... not too sure what lou shi means? You have got to check this out.! Fun means noodles.

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17 pieces of worms:

Pan Mee addict's not tom yam spaghetti la, that's 'la mien' in traditional stir-fried seafood style.. btw, what's those 'fish skin thingy' that seems to have a life of it's own called again?


fish skin thingy' that seems to have a life of it's own - is bonito flakes. hehe i rmbr that i was starin at it wide-eyed the first time i saw it shrivel up like that on my plate!
the loh shi fun looks "cheng cheng" n nice!

Simon Seow

In the days back then, I always have a drink or two in Spike or Radio City.


hmmm someone told me last week their branch in the weld have delish sang har meen!


Haha, tikus stew! Kewl!

Ling's Passion

I love lou shi fun. Must give this a shot.


The claypot lou shu fan look different eh? White clr de?

Pan Mee addict

@thenomadGourmand: Ahh yes, bonito flakes.. it was in fact moving and even swimming when left in the soup ;)

ck lam

Craving for claypot lou shi fun. This type of noodle is seldom found in Penang :(


Claypot loh see fun or tung fun are great comfort food for one who misses home town loh see fun.

Ivy Isabelle

For old asia, you should have try the sang har (prawn) noodle. its nice :)

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thank you!


Jelly Bean, thenomadGourmand: hahah ok.. question answered.

Simon: those were the days.... i remember coffee bean was always packed last time too

babe_kl: eh really? I better start trying some other stuff.. cant always take my claypot lou shi fun already

Jason: HAHAHHAHA farnee la.. a bit gross at first tho

Ling's Passion: Ohh I think you will like it a lot.

mimid3vils: last time a little browner hor? but taste wise still the same.

ck lam: You kidding or what? I thought Penang what also got?

worldwindows: ohh tung fun is nice toooo

Ivy: Ahhh second person who mention sang har mee. I'm going to try this soon!

Tennen: Hi! Sure =)

Sugar Bean

Oh gosh, I read the link on the tikus skew and I really thought it was real. Haha! Scares me off.

Haven't come across this restaurant before, but will do when we go back to msia. ^^


the prawn looks huge! nice nice!


Oo..i come here for lunch sometimes with my colleagues. I always order the thai style chicken chop.(Can't remember whether that's the actual name,but somewhere along those lines). The chicken chops is not bad,reasonably priced, comes with egg, chicken and a side of pickled vege.Maybe you can give a try the next time you are there. :)


sugar bean: LOL! I was shocked at first..then i remembered it was April 1st ;p

BBO: yeah it does

Sue: Ah ok. Sang har mean and Thai Style chicken chop!

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