Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pasta De Gohan

I feel like one of John Grisham's character in his various legal thrillers. Why? The crazy workaholic lawyers work 18 hours a day and also spend their weekend and holidays in the office. I don't work 18 hours a day but working 12 - 17 hours a day is close enough. I also spent a weekend at the office and am going to spend more of them really soon.

Am I a workoholic? I don't think so. I think I'm just a slab of burger patty. Lazy and sitting on the plate with no bun. ...but still useful enough to be called a dish by itself (burger steak).

Kind of need to bust my butt working because of the additional sauce that was added on the steak. BLARNGARHGHGHGHhhg... guess that happens when you ignore too much. Ignorance is blissful, but only until the point which you can not ignore anymore. Ignore it further and you will be ignored! (Means kena stir fried ikan masin.. if you know what I mean)

I missed the times when I could work on auto pilot at work. Everything was easier. Everything was more manageble. The only time I could auto pilot now is when I leave home to work, and leave work to home, in the car. I wonder if that is a good thing because auto piloting can be dangerious, but I do like the fact that my cerebellum is now programmed to drive a car along that same route on the MEX highway.

I want my non-work life back. I miss the reds and the greens in my life. I miss the spice in my life.

...and I'm damn hungry la

I had the burger steak in Pasta De Gohan, Sunway Pyramid with WMW a while back. I did remember that the burger steak was quite nice. We also had J.Co after that!

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u poor thing..u sound a bit burned out. The MEX connects to Pandan roundabt and a mere 10mins frm MRR2. Come over for the OM burger!


Just read LL's post on that.. but I suck at finding locations. Might drag a colleague to makan tho.


Lovely combination! Pasta de gohan for mains and then JCo for desserts! ;-)

I wanted to try them out the other day but already had heavy lunch.

Second trip?



arhhh... cabonara?? my fav pasta!! hahaha =D

Sugar Bean

I've been there once, somehow prefer Pasta Zanmai more than Pasta de Gohan.

Add oil ya! Life's tough, gotta keep going. ^^


We could bun you up tightly and really enjoy your wonderful patty , if you let us , yes ? But must be manual we never like auto pilot one

Big Boys Oven

very nice nice ...dont over work yah!

ai wei

cheer cheer cheer up and add more oil!

u may find the blue and yellow and pink and purple in ur work life too! :P

been here once and quite love this place.


Nat: Can can. Can meet for dinner so you can drop by one the way back from work.. but problem is.. i'm working late these days liua.

Andrew: I forgot. But it was some cabonara fusion.

Sugar Bean: So shy to say this but I have not actually tried Pasta Zanmai before. But I always see the long queue in One Utama's outlet.

BSG: Can't la. Forced to enjoy something is not fun lo.

BBO: yeah i know... i miss dinners =(


at first i tot it was the pepper lunch place in pavillion, din know tht pasta de gohan has burget steak too,yum!


Gambateh ya~~~ I met bottle neck in my work too so take 2 days leave next week to rest~~


With so much work i dont dare to take leave. =(


kampungboycitygal: i have got to try that out. I saw the outlet in Singapore.. but never try


oh they got burger steak also?
never knew that.

the assortment of pasta being displayed at the glass counter is mind-boggling. already life's difficult enough, they have to provide so many tough choices. aiks ...


Nothing calms the nerves better than a good meal right in front of you. =) Especially after a 17 hour stint. ;-)

No worries there. Pasta de gohan and JCo won't be going anywhere in years. ;-P We shall make a trip there one day when your time is more free'ed up.



U sound like me at work..well kinda, i've reached the numb I don't care stage. Not good. ( I hope my boss is not reading this)

Nyways, I've always wanted to try Pasta De gohan, always walked past it and stared a the pasta displays. It looks pricey so didn't try. Maybe should la one day.

Hang in there at work. It will get better. :) Stay positive.


j2kfm: Yeah they have it there also. But mainly pasta

Nat: See you tonight! ;p

Sue: I hope you get more "extras" out of your hardwork =)

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