Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LakLak View

It was a day after the Mount Batukaru climb. Our legs were aching, and our bodies were tired. All I really wanted was a 5 hour spa session... but I got something equal nice. A trip to the Belulang hotspring.

It felt like a long drive to Belulang. We passed by rice fields, and villages and then Wayan spotted this road side stall. Wayan said "Forget about gado-gado and bubur injin, that is nothing special and is available every where. I will buy this for you on the way back... if the stall is still open". I was later told that the LakLak View stall is one of the rarest stalls to find because the crepe is a traditional Balinese dessert that is not commonly found in Bali.

It was raining before we reached the entrance of the hotspring and all I could think of was the Laklak View... will the stall be open during the rain? After maybe? Or will the stall still be open till late? I was lucky because after the rain and the nice hot bath at the hot spring, my stomach was growling for some Laklak View.

The traditional crepe was made from rice flour batter with shredded coconut and banana served on a piece of banana leaf. What made the LakLak View special is that the stove used was actually made from clay and the hotplate heated using firewood. The combination is the key to bringing out the tasty crepe.

Will I pass this for gado-gado and bubur injin? Nar.. I can get gado-gado and bubur injin in KL... but not Laklak View.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Restaurant Min Kok Dim Sum

Restaurant Min Kok Dim Sum, No7645 Lot 5990 Jalan Labu Lama, Terminal 2, Seremban. Yeah man... all the way to Seremban.

The gang and I made a trip down to historic city of Malacca back in.. er.. sometime in 2008 when UK boy is still around. (If you are reading this.. you better win lottery and fly me there! I miss you lah!)

The whole trip was kind of fun because one was a freelance photographer. He was with his canggih camera.

I was the food blogger with my sturdy Canon.

UK Boy was aka tourist with camera.

And we are all taking pictures of food. My best'est buddy without a camera was staring at this 3 weirdos taking pictures... the quote for the day "Can eat already or not?"

Of course! I wouldn't wait when it comes to hot fragrant egg tarts! This is the best egg tart I have tasted. Better than the ones in Ipoh dim sum houses and way more yummier than Tong Kee egg tarts.

You see that portion at the bottom? That's actually kaya which I think was very smart idea to include it in the egg tart. The custard itself was full of the yoke fragrance. It was smooth and not too sweet. The kaya at the bottom was also really smooth (I think because kaya tends to be smoother when steamed too..the heat from the baking actually heats the kaya up) and brought the egg fragrance in the custard. The slight sweetness of the kaya blended in well with the custard to make an over lightly sweeten egg tart. Damn good stuff!

The scallop mai should not be missed too. Fresh sweet scallops works well for me!

Anyway, UK Boy was the center of attention during breakfast... especially to a certain worker in Min Kok.

I still remembered that the cute Chinese lady was waking past our table with all the dim sum trays asking us if we wanted more dim sum....or was she trying to refill hot water in our teapot? ...hm ...

Anyway... the second word for the day was "Don't want to inadvertently burn the handsome boy ma" HAHAHA! (Sorry la.. I think this whole post is kind of a inside joke kind of thing.. but the egg tart rocks!)

I was stuffed after breakfast! And were suppose to have a "light breakfast" so we can monster down at Jonker street!

(Another inside joke...) As we left Min Kok Dim Sum restaurant... my best buddy said the funniest thing .... quote of the trip "Malacca la *tooter*"

MYA. Most likely in the airport waiting to board. The airport will make me remember UK Boy. You will be missed. (So quick la.. go Bingo or Lotto or something)
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hibiscus tea

I really miss waking up to cock crows and sunlight. I miss Komang and little Sri. I miss chilling out under the lumbung. And actually I miss the Balinese bath room and the cold water!
So many pictures and so many stories to tell. I have no idea where to start or how to start.

I stayed with Wayan and his family for a whole week in Br. Ngis Kelod (Check out bali-homestay.com), about 30 minutes away from Tabanan town in Bali. All I did was relax and when I say relax... I really did relax until I totally forgot where I have put my purse! HAHA! (I found it in the end while packing up) I took plenty of pictures, learn loads and tons and gazillion of things (food, culture, religion, strength... gosh.. just so much la), experienced my toughest mountain climb, ate babi guling, meet up with EJ!.. the list just goes on. ..oh and I got conned =( but what the hell.. it's the experience!

One of the many many interesting thing I have learn from Wayan is that you can actually make tea out of Hibiscus!

Yup. The Malaysian national flower. I'm a Malaysian and I didn't know I could make tea out of it.

Wayan plucked about 10 of the flowers while we were strolling in this garden (It's such an understatement when Wayan called his "garden" and garden. The garden at my home is just the size of his room. His garden is more like a mini orchard!) We took them back to the house and had good Hibiscus tea under the lumbung.

Just pluck the petals, wash them, and soak them in hot water. Remove the petals when the water turns brown. Get ready some key lime (or actually any lime or citrus will do). Squize it in the tea and VIOLAH! the brown will turn to the beautiful red.

Add some sugar to the tea and enjoy fragrant and cooling tea. Best served out doors ..LOL! I did a Google search on Hibiscus tea and found that this is actually food for reducing blood-pressure. Cool huh?!

For this species of Hibiscus, well, I ate almost 10 of these raw and sucked almost 20 to 30 of the flower's nectar! Flowers are abundant in Bali and these actually grow wild near Wayan's place. I tend to pluck a couple every time I pass by the Hibiscus bushes on the way to the padi fields.

All you have to do is pluck the flower. You will find the sweet sticky nectar at the bottom of the flower. Just suck the liquid..slurp slurp! If you don't see any, the nectar is very likely to be ticking to your hands already. Just lick them off!

Oh, and I ate the whole flower (minus the yellow part) after that. Cooling and crunchy. This is what I call sweet natural healthy snack.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup

Did that catch your attention? HEHE!

Don't lie... I know it did. The usual kai shi hor fun aka chicken shreds soup noodles comes with prawn soup base. You will usually see that prawn oil (One of the process of making the soup is frying prawn shells to get the fragrance of the prawns. The oil comes from the oil use) that looks like chili oil floating in the soup. This bowl is different because you get don't get the prawns, you get lard instead!

My dad used to bring me and my siblings here for noodles very often when we were young. Back then we had to use smaller and bumpier roads to get from Kelana Jaya to Old Town but none of us complained. The noodles was worth the travel.

The noodle stall is located in the coffee shop just opposite Heng Kee BKT. Just look out that the huge shandy tree and you'll find the restaurant.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Missing For Action

I'm at a Wartel (internet cafe) in Tabahan, Bali right now. Legs are cramp up from the hike down Mount Batukaru. It was a really challenging hike.... learnt a lot from my guides and learnt that you do not have to be physically fit (well, but not that unfit too lah) to climb. I sprained my ankle slipping on a rock in the river just 40 metres from the starting point and suffered the consiquences when I was hiking down.

On the food part... I have not hit Ubub's babi guling yet but I have already tried Tabahan best babi guiling and went to Badung for the famous nasi luk luk (that's the beef version for babi guling rice)

Not spending more time in a Wartel...got to run!

ps, EJ if you are reading this.. call me! hehe!

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Taman Bahagia pork noodles

The first time I ate the famous Taman Bahagia pork noodle soup was when I was in Form 1. My mom dropped me at the coffee shop to "tapau" lunch.

Mom waited in the car along the road side for almost 25mins until she lost her cool. "Why is it taking so long to tapau!?" she screams. I said "I don't know, but the aunty said my order is up next".

I waited another 5 minutes and off I went home. Threw my backpack a side and unpacked the soup noodles. The soup was still pipping hot so I could really smell the fragrance of the pork.

I took a sip of the soup and "RAHHHhhhhhh ahhhhhhh" (Imagine sun rays shining through the distance clouds..haha) I was saved by the sweetness of the porky soup.

Ok la, maybe I'm over exaggerating a little. .. only a little. I did feel revived because of good pork noodle soup! After so many years I can still remember that feeling.. it's true la.

But anyway, I keep coming back for more pork noodles year after year. Am I sick of it? You kidding me? Me? Sick of pok pok pok? No way.

I got used to the taste though. Can something heavenly turn to normal? Yeah.. I guess so. Especially when I think I have found another stall which serves better pork noodle soup. The only thing is I keep forgetting to bring my camera long when I eat there behind the kitchen of one of the house in P.J. Old Town...

*Another Swine Flu fact. Can swine flu be treated with antiviral drug and flu vaccine? The swine flu is resistant to two common drugs-Amantadine and Rimantadine. The HINI swine flu virus are very different from human H1N1 viruses. Therefore, vaccines for human seasonal flu would not provide protection. However a "seed vaccine" has been specifically tailored to this swine flu and will be manufactured if officials deem necessary.
Who the officials in this case I tak tau la.

I'm still MYA! At this time, I'm likely to be jungle tracking feeding the mosquitoes.. or maybe hiking some where feeling leaches.
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Friday, May 01, 2009

Damansara Hokkien Mee

Damansara Hokkien Mee located in Kota Damansara. We found ourselves here after going round the Kota Damansara square (..and after watching a really romantic touchy movie hehe at Jason's) looking for the Nasi Bomb that WMW said we should hunt for. Somehow.. the bomb went missing ;p

There was a satay stall out front and being the hungry glutton foodie that I am, I decided that we should order a bit of everything.

Chicken, beef and lamb satay. All were good. The lamb satay was exceptionally yummy. I like the fact that all the satay was well marinated. I could tell from the uncooked satay that these are homemade satays and not bought from distributors.

Chicken wings aka sexy legs. The sweet honey taste was there. *licks* This could have topped Wong Ah Wah but the wings were a bit cold and the skin not crispy. They should have reheated this longer before serving it.

The Dai Loke Mean aka Hokkien noodles with the heavenly lard. Sadly, the only heavenly bit was the lard. I felt that the noodles lacks flavor to top the lardyness.

However, the chili was really nice. There was a stronger garlic fragrance to this Dai Loke Mean chili to the ones I have tried before.

The lou shi fun was so so. Nothing particularly special about it. I guess nothing can beat the taste of Old Asia's lou shi fun yet.

Last but definitely the best dish of the night, the pepper pork soup noodles. It was raining that evening so the night was cool. The dish went well with the weather! HAHA! No but really, it was good. The lean pork slice was tenderized just nice. I not a big fan of lean meat because it's usually really tough on the bite. The softer ones are too soft. The slice of pork was just "ngam ngam" just right. Damansara Hokkien Mee? They should really rename to Damansara pepper pork soup noodles.

**If you are wondering if it's save to consume pork because of the swine flu going around... yes it's save. Cook the meat before you eat. The virus dies after the 70C mark heat**

This is a MFA post. I am most probably in Ipoh now ;p
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