Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup

Did that catch your attention? HEHE!

Don't lie... I know it did. The usual kai shi hor fun aka chicken shreds soup noodles comes with prawn soup base. You will usually see that prawn oil (One of the process of making the soup is frying prawn shells to get the fragrance of the prawns. The oil comes from the oil use) that looks like chili oil floating in the soup. This bowl is different because you get don't get the prawns, you get lard instead!

My dad used to bring me and my siblings here for noodles very often when we were young. Back then we had to use smaller and bumpier roads to get from Kelana Jaya to Old Town but none of us complained. The noodles was worth the travel.

The noodle stall is located in the coffee shop just opposite Heng Kee BKT. Just look out that the huge shandy tree and you'll find the restaurant.

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7 pieces of worms:


No address? Checked Heng Kee links too.


There is also one good one nearby. On the opposite side of the road, near the old Majestic theatre. But mom and dad said they moving to Puchong soon. May just go down there for a bowl this weekend :)

Nic (KHKL)

YES! u certainly caught my attention with that piece of lard. haha!

Precious Pea

I have never been there during the day, only at night for Heng Kee. The chicken noodle soup sure looks good. At nite i noticed they have one char kuey teow stall and also roast and braised duck stall, quite good business too.


Pea : The CKT at night got queue wan dun pray pray. Has my vote as well!


world windows: Heng Kee BKT is at Jalan 1/10, PJ Old Town.. This coffee shop is just opposite.

Unka: eh.. street stall ah? I need to check it out soon then. And CKT? ahhh I need to try that too!

Nic: HAHAHAHA pok!

P.Pea: The CKT is at the same coffee shop at night? I need to check it out already. If night time I always go for BKT only.


can beat ipoh's version ar? haha

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