Friday, May 01, 2009

Damansara Hokkien Mee

Damansara Hokkien Mee located in Kota Damansara. We found ourselves here after going round the Kota Damansara square (..and after watching a really romantic touchy movie hehe at Jason's) looking for the Nasi Bomb that WMW said we should hunt for. Somehow.. the bomb went missing ;p

There was a satay stall out front and being the hungry glutton foodie that I am, I decided that we should order a bit of everything.

Chicken, beef and lamb satay. All were good. The lamb satay was exceptionally yummy. I like the fact that all the satay was well marinated. I could tell from the uncooked satay that these are homemade satays and not bought from distributors.

Chicken wings aka sexy legs. The sweet honey taste was there. *licks* This could have topped Wong Ah Wah but the wings were a bit cold and the skin not crispy. They should have reheated this longer before serving it.

The Dai Loke Mean aka Hokkien noodles with the heavenly lard. Sadly, the only heavenly bit was the lard. I felt that the noodles lacks flavor to top the lardyness.

However, the chili was really nice. There was a stronger garlic fragrance to this Dai Loke Mean chili to the ones I have tried before.

The lou shi fun was so so. Nothing particularly special about it. I guess nothing can beat the taste of Old Asia's lou shi fun yet.

Last but definitely the best dish of the night, the pepper pork soup noodles. It was raining that evening so the night was cool. The dish went well with the weather! HAHA! No but really, it was good. The lean pork slice was tenderized just nice. I not a big fan of lean meat because it's usually really tough on the bite. The softer ones are too soft. The slice of pork was just "ngam ngam" just right. Damansara Hokkien Mee? They should really rename to Damansara pepper pork soup noodles.

**If you are wondering if it's save to consume pork because of the swine flu going around... yes it's save. Cook the meat before you eat. The virus dies after the 70C mark heat**

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6 pieces of worms:


I think the original branch in Damansara Utama is better. ;)


satay definitely looks nice! Or was the pic photoshopped?


The chicken wing I tried once too, sold by Malay rite? It taste like satay to me & hubby :P


oh.. standard dropped liow ah?


so... non of the hokkien mee shop in Kota Damansara is edible >.<"


Couldn't remember which one was better (DU or KD) hahaha

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