Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hibiscus tea

I really miss waking up to cock crows and sunlight. I miss Komang and little Sri. I miss chilling out under the lumbung. And actually I miss the Balinese bath room and the cold water!
So many pictures and so many stories to tell. I have no idea where to start or how to start.

I stayed with Wayan and his family for a whole week in Br. Ngis Kelod (Check out, about 30 minutes away from Tabanan town in Bali. All I did was relax and when I say relax... I really did relax until I totally forgot where I have put my purse! HAHA! (I found it in the end while packing up) I took plenty of pictures, learn loads and tons and gazillion of things (food, culture, religion, strength... gosh.. just so much la), experienced my toughest mountain climb, ate babi guling, meet up with EJ!.. the list just goes on. ..oh and I got conned =( but what the hell.. it's the experience!

One of the many many interesting thing I have learn from Wayan is that you can actually make tea out of Hibiscus!

Yup. The Malaysian national flower. I'm a Malaysian and I didn't know I could make tea out of it.

Wayan plucked about 10 of the flowers while we were strolling in this garden (It's such an understatement when Wayan called his "garden" and garden. The garden at my home is just the size of his room. His garden is more like a mini orchard!) We took them back to the house and had good Hibiscus tea under the lumbung.

Just pluck the petals, wash them, and soak them in hot water. Remove the petals when the water turns brown. Get ready some key lime (or actually any lime or citrus will do). Squize it in the tea and VIOLAH! the brown will turn to the beautiful red.

Add some sugar to the tea and enjoy fragrant and cooling tea. Best served out doors ..LOL! I did a Google search on Hibiscus tea and found that this is actually food for reducing blood-pressure. Cool huh?!

For this species of Hibiscus, well, I ate almost 10 of these raw and sucked almost 20 to 30 of the flower's nectar! Flowers are abundant in Bali and these actually grow wild near Wayan's place. I tend to pluck a couple every time I pass by the Hibiscus bushes on the way to the padi fields.

All you have to do is pluck the flower. You will find the sweet sticky nectar at the bottom of the flower. Just suck the liquid..slurp slurp! If you don't see any, the nectar is very likely to be ticking to your hands already. Just lick them off!

Oh, and I ate the whole flower (minus the yellow part) after that. Cooling and crunchy. This is what I call sweet natural healthy snack.

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"Joe" who is constantly craving

hahaha no worrying abt pesticides?


I checked their homestay program...was the service good? Wonderful local knowledge on the hibiscus. Is there traditional local spa done in this village? Don't mind the questions:)Thanks.

Cindy Khor

i didn't know that hibiscus could make


joe: Everything is organic =) ...even the rice. I could really taste the difference... or maybe it's just the rice there

worldwindows: My host was superb. No spa.. was really in a village.. no tourist there. I think the nearest spa will be 40mins away.

Cindy: me too.. until my host taught me =)


Haha, I used to suck the sweet liquid of hibiscus flower when I was a child coz I'm a kampung girl :P


when i was small we used to pick another type of flower (red, with pointy stems) and sucked on the nectar. may not be much, but so much fun ....

Simon Seow

So nice went to Bali.


Wow, I learnt a new thing from you today!


Ah , if only such natural treats and fresh foreign fragrance can last forever. Time machine come now !


mimid3vils, J2Kfm: you 2 make me feel ulu ;p I didnt know all this until bali

simon: Bali was great.. you should take a break from all those events and try a vacation instead.

jason: haha next time we should go pluck bunga raya and drink tea!

bsg: no need time machine.. just $$ to fly back to bali everytime i'm missing the smell of bali haha


Hahahaha,I had a good time chatting with you also :D


wow, can eat hibiscus? never knew about it! thnx for sharing!


EJ: hehe i'll be back! and next time we shall go river rafting and have tea (and for you coffee) and cakes!

sakaigirl: LOL! actually I didn't either until Bali ;p


I love these pictures, especially on how to suck out the nectar, so cool! Linked to you from my blog.

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