Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LakLak View

It was a day after the Mount Batukaru climb. Our legs were aching, and our bodies were tired. All I really wanted was a 5 hour spa session... but I got something equal nice. A trip to the Belulang hotspring.

It felt like a long drive to Belulang. We passed by rice fields, and villages and then Wayan spotted this road side stall. Wayan said "Forget about gado-gado and bubur injin, that is nothing special and is available every where. I will buy this for you on the way back... if the stall is still open". I was later told that the LakLak View stall is one of the rarest stalls to find because the crepe is a traditional Balinese dessert that is not commonly found in Bali.

It was raining before we reached the entrance of the hotspring and all I could think of was the Laklak View... will the stall be open during the rain? After maybe? Or will the stall still be open till late? I was lucky because after the rain and the nice hot bath at the hot spring, my stomach was growling for some Laklak View.

The traditional crepe was made from rice flour batter with shredded coconut and banana served on a piece of banana leaf. What made the LakLak View special is that the stove used was actually made from clay and the hotplate heated using firewood. The combination is the key to bringing out the tasty crepe.

Will I pass this for gado-gado and bubur injin? Nar.. I can get gado-gado and bubur injin in KL... but not Laklak View.

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8 pieces of worms:


This sounds tasty and simple to make, or is there some secret ingredient?


Must have been damn shiok eating this after the rain and hot bath! =D


Great adventure, tho we still prefer your last time stunning Kemboja
makandrinking Escapade


All I can imagine now is the smoky taste. Tell me more about it when I see you!

Sugar Bean

O.o Everything sounds so unfamiliar to me. But it sounds like a nice experience. Hope to visit Bali one day...


yum, look so authentic and good!!


Wow! Fantastic... Err...hope you still got your head above water! Take care....see you soon!


Foodie update plsssss. =P


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