Thursday, May 07, 2009

Missing For Action

I'm at a Wartel (internet cafe) in Tabahan, Bali right now. Legs are cramp up from the hike down Mount Batukaru. It was a really challenging hike.... learnt a lot from my guides and learnt that you do not have to be physically fit (well, but not that unfit too lah) to climb. I sprained my ankle slipping on a rock in the river just 40 metres from the starting point and suffered the consiquences when I was hiking down.

On the food part... I have not hit Ubub's babi guling yet but I have already tried Tabahan best babi guiling and went to Badung for the famous nasi luk luk (that's the beef version for babi guling rice)

Not spending more time in a to run!

ps, EJ if you are reading this.. call me! hehe!

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6 pieces of worms:

Chin Han

HAHA... Finally, you get your long deserved holiday! Enjoy!

Eat more babi there.

Take care of your foot ;)

Nic (KHKL)

oh, so u did go to bali! hv a fun time!! ;)


oh dear, how's yr ankle now? hope everythings all right. do enjoy yourself ya


Chin Han: aie.. me back here liua =( Didnt have time to go see the monkey jungle la

Nic: yes i did! ..i miss the island man

babe_kl: hehe ankle ok.. but my body is still aching from the climb!


Be careful ya!

Peter Pan

May I suggest amputation? ;p

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