Thursday, May 21, 2009

Restaurant Min Kok Dim Sum

Restaurant Min Kok Dim Sum, No7645 Lot 5990 Jalan Labu Lama, Terminal 2, Seremban. Yeah man... all the way to Seremban.

The gang and I made a trip down to historic city of Malacca back in.. er.. sometime in 2008 when UK boy is still around. (If you are reading this.. you better win lottery and fly me there! I miss you lah!)

The whole trip was kind of fun because one was a freelance photographer. He was with his canggih camera.

I was the food blogger with my sturdy Canon.

UK Boy was aka tourist with camera.

And we are all taking pictures of food. My best'est buddy without a camera was staring at this 3 weirdos taking pictures... the quote for the day "Can eat already or not?"

Of course! I wouldn't wait when it comes to hot fragrant egg tarts! This is the best egg tart I have tasted. Better than the ones in Ipoh dim sum houses and way more yummier than Tong Kee egg tarts.

You see that portion at the bottom? That's actually kaya which I think was very smart idea to include it in the egg tart. The custard itself was full of the yoke fragrance. It was smooth and not too sweet. The kaya at the bottom was also really smooth (I think because kaya tends to be smoother when steamed too..the heat from the baking actually heats the kaya up) and brought the egg fragrance in the custard. The slight sweetness of the kaya blended in well with the custard to make an over lightly sweeten egg tart. Damn good stuff!

The scallop mai should not be missed too. Fresh sweet scallops works well for me!

Anyway, UK Boy was the center of attention during breakfast... especially to a certain worker in Min Kok.

I still remembered that the cute Chinese lady was waking past our table with all the dim sum trays asking us if we wanted more dim sum....or was she trying to refill hot water in our teapot? ...

Anyway... the second word for the day was "Don't want to inadvertently burn the handsome boy ma" HAHAHA! (Sorry la.. I think this whole post is kind of a inside joke kind of thing.. but the egg tart rocks!)

I was stuffed after breakfast! And were suppose to have a "light breakfast" so we can monster down at Jonker street!

(Another inside joke...) As we left Min Kok Dim Sum restaurant... my best buddy said the funniest thing .... quote of the trip "Malacca la *tooter*"

MYA. Most likely in the airport waiting to board. The airport will make me remember UK Boy. You will be missed. (So quick la.. go Bingo or Lotto or something)
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Cindy Khor

oh, this looks like a high class dim sum affair with scallops and kaya in the egge tart.. haha, i bet loads of people would be wondering why us bloggers take pictures of all the food before eating them.


the dim sum looks so yummy! great selections too! nvr tot of seremban w good dimsum! its alws been hakka noodle n siew paus!


kaya egg tart, interesting!!!


*copy same caption from Mimi*

UK Boy

haha, after so long only post this up....yes yes...Malacca la *tooter*...i still rmemeber that...sigh..wat to do..i'm alwiz misunderstood...

wat's MYA btw? okok, i'll start looking into Bingo or Lotto...hehe..who knows..


HAHAHA I just noticed that I blogged earlier and was suppose to do a scheduled post ...I didn't in the end and when I re-post I forgot to remove the MFA!

Cindy Khor: Hm.. i think a lot of restaurants serves scallops siew mai already

thenomadGourmand: you know how we found this place? GPS recommendation!

mimid3vils, Jason: yeahhh that's the best egg tart I have tasted so far!

UK Boy: hahahaha ehhh tell me about your stitches and answer FB messages la damnit ;p...MYA is missing for action

- ddkwh -

good times!! should do it one more time!! :D

Simon Seow

Who knows that one of the best dim sum in Malaysia can be found in Seremban. Is the KTM station near here?? lol


my tummie is screaming 4 dim sum now. must go down to srban 2 cure the craving :)


ddkwh: yeah man but it took us like freaking long to make the trip work ..and still only 4 of us

simon: it's beside the new seremban bus terminal

dana: LOL.. seremban is far for a dim sum fix.. but for the egg tart its worth it

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