Monday, May 04, 2009

Taman Bahagia pork noodles

The first time I ate the famous Taman Bahagia pork noodle soup was when I was in Form 1. My mom dropped me at the coffee shop to "tapau" lunch.

Mom waited in the car along the road side for almost 25mins until she lost her cool. "Why is it taking so long to tapau!?" she screams. I said "I don't know, but the aunty said my order is up next".

I waited another 5 minutes and off I went home. Threw my backpack a side and unpacked the soup noodles. The soup was still pipping hot so I could really smell the fragrance of the pork.

I took a sip of the soup and "RAHHHhhhhhh ahhhhhhh" (Imagine sun rays shining through the distance clouds..haha) I was saved by the sweetness of the porky soup.

Ok la, maybe I'm over exaggerating a little. .. only a little. I did feel revived because of good pork noodle soup! After so many years I can still remember that feeling.. it's true la.

But anyway, I keep coming back for more pork noodles year after year. Am I sick of it? You kidding me? Me? Sick of pok pok pok? No way.

I got used to the taste though. Can something heavenly turn to normal? Yeah.. I guess so. Especially when I think I have found another stall which serves better pork noodle soup. The only thing is I keep forgetting to bring my camera long when I eat there behind the kitchen of one of the house in P.J. Old Town...

*Another Swine Flu fact. Can swine flu be treated with antiviral drug and flu vaccine? The swine flu is resistant to two common drugs-Amantadine and Rimantadine. The HINI swine flu virus are very different from human H1N1 viruses. Therefore, vaccines for human seasonal flu would not provide protection. However a "seed vaccine" has been specifically tailored to this swine flu and will be manufactured if officials deem necessary.
Who the officials in this case I tak tau la.

I'm still MYA! At this time, I'm likely to be jungle tracking feeding the mosquitoes.. or maybe hiking some where feeling leaches.
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12 pieces of worms:


I dare not eat innard so I only have minced pork & pork slices if I order pork noodle :P


I love coming here for my pork noodle fix too! But like I leave out the innards...


The pork noodles here look promising with that huge minced pork cake.


guess wat...
we called this the 45min pork noodles, that is the usual wait time ~ ^_^

JC @ Jessey

Where exactly is this place? Is't somewhere opposite Taman Bahagia LRT station? Ok, let me try this long waited pork noodle a day!


I want that bowl of goodness intead of this! *munching sulkily on a cold muesli bar*


i find the soup msg laden- yeah, there's better pork noodles else where.

Nic (KHKL)

yupe, we r never sick of pork. like swine flu, which was actually not from swines. so, babitarians rejoice! haha! nothing beats a bowl good pork noodle, kon lou or soup. hehe

Sugar Bean

I love pork noodles, though I never really eat the intestines. Hehe, we're still taking pork despite swine flu.


mimid3vils, Bangsar-bAbE: aike.. how come.. innards are the parts which have most flavor!

worldwindows: yup yup! Sometimes have to really see the timing and luck. If you go about late lunch, you tend to get better soup and larger portion of the meats!

ling239: Damn charm la.. want to eat also have to wait 45mins. But good stuff.. guess have to wait a little esp when the uncle cook bowl by bowl.

JC: From the Taman Bahagia LRT, turn left at the traffic light. Go all the way straight until you reach a left junction. The coffeeshop is at that corner.

Tummythoz: hmm muesli healthy ma ;p

SC: actually hor.. a lot of pok noodles out there also a lot of MSG

Nic: babitarians!? HAHAHAHA I like.

SugarBean: hahaha not swine flu... H1N1 hahah


yums...time for a revisit!


yummy...really love the innards...
oh yeah...there's an antiviral drug call oseltamivir or better know as the brand "tamiflu" for swine dun have to worry too much..curable disease..bbut it cost about 50 to 60AUD for 10 tablets down here..not sure the price in malaysia...but nevertheless...nothing will stop my cravings a good bowl of pork noodles :P

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