Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rattan has fruits?

Back in the good old days of primary school, I was a very innocent and good student. *ahem ahem* The school I studied at is small and the headmaster (I still remember Mr.Teoh! He was a really good headmaster!) knew all the students, if not by name, by their faces. He knows who the bad ass nottie students and the less naughty students. He used to have a collection of rattan (I think about 6 of them all in different thickness) in this office to whoalup whoever that did bad.

How did I know all this? Well, I never kena rotan before la.

Mr.Teoh always walks around with this thickest rattan. He used to always use it to point at rubbish and instruct students to pick them up and throw it in the dustbin. When he sees students being rebellious, he will ask some other student to head to his room and fetch him his other rattans.

Mr.Teoh: Teckiee, go to my room. Take number 5 for me.
Teckiee: OK.
*walks to the headmaster's office, looks behind the door. WOAHHH! the rattan is neatly hung on the wall with numberings above the nail*

Number 5 is the second thinnest rattan...6 being the thinnest (and I say most painful!)
*fiak fiak fiak* Itulah consequences of behind a naughty student.

Anyway, I had this flash back when David, the owner of Gopeng Rainforest Resort should me this.

Rattan fruit. Yeah I know... they have fruits?! Apparently they do! This one is really ripe. I did a search on Google and found that those on the rattans are more yellow in colour like the skin of a longan fruit.

David also mentioned that they can be eaten! Yay! Sourish little things. It tasted like lime with lychee's texture. It is quite nice actually. So next time you come across bundles of rattan fruits... make sure you try them.

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ai wei

harrrr???? rattan's fruit? never know rattan has fruit!


So u were the teacher's pet? Discipline teacher lagi. Garang!


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ai wei: hahaha same here

Tummythoz: that time small kid ma hehe.. i wasnt that good of a student in seconday school

vivien: sorry.. got your email earlier but i didnt have time to update it.

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