Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vulcano Beancurd!

Volcano Beancurd served at Must Love Restaurant in Bandar Sri Menjarala, Kepong.

Hm...I haven't been much of a food blogger lately... I have been climbing mountains more than I blog! I will heading to Yogyakarta tomorrow to climb Mount Merapi aka Mountain of Fire. This is going to be my first volcano climb trip and I got a feeling this is going to be a really exciting climb.

Mount Merapi is actually an active volcano so I get to see and smell first hand the stink of sulfur. I read it smells like rotten eggs so I hope I don't choke on the smell and vomit... HAHAHA! Looking forward to my sunset, the sky full of stars and my sunrise too!

..and of course, I'm not forgetting the food. Will be chowing down my share of Gudeg and Lumpia!

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