Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bats at Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta

So.. went to Jogya for the second time and it was the second time I went hunting for food along the Malioboro Street. During my first trip, I remembered I saw a lady selling bats in front of Pasar Beringharjo. When I tried to take pictures but she chooed me away because I wasn't interested in buying... I was just there for the pictures.

This time, I managed to take a few close shots =)

I learn that folks in Yogyakarta buys the bats for medication purposes. Either deep fry them to eat, or boil them in soup to make some traditional soup thingy. Guess what the bat supposedly would cure?

Answer: Asthma.

Not like I have astma, but I would have bought some if they were ready to be eaten. But would have to bring it home to cook. My mom would freak out and dad would surely give me the looks of disgust. I did see another customer come by and pick out a few bats. There are different piles and the different piles represents different grades. The each low grade bats went for 100,000IDR each.. that's about RM35 each!

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8 pieces of worms:

ai wei

i tried the traditional herbal soup with bat in it. very good and 'bou'...

the last pic with a little furrrrr with it seems a little scary @@

Simon Seow

Wah lao eh, look at the teeth.



I didn't know bats could be eaten. Interesting read.

"Joe" who is constantly craving

looks like eating rats with wings..shivers..



look like evil mogwai *runs*


i will runaway when i saw this, u still can took photo of them, salute!!


You know.... I ate bats before. When I was a little kid (if I was old enough to discern, I would have NEVER let my mom feed me that) .... my dad used to go hunting.

Beau Lotus

My mom fed me crocodile soup once or twice to cure my asthma and it worked, never had it since. But I know it worked because the soup was so horrible my sub-conscience must have decided to block the asthma from appearing again.

Those bats look really gross.

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