Thursday, November 19, 2009

Climbing Mount Merapi

"Mount Merapi, Gunung Merapi (literally Mountain of Fire) in Indonesian language, is a conical volcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548."

Mount Merapi is my most enjoyable climb so far. Good weather, awesome view, and great company of climbers. And also not forgetting good food.

Joe carried a watermelon up! This is the most delicious watermelon I have eaten! Very juicy and very sweet!

I know what you are thinking, me being up in the mountains, hungry and tirsty, anything and everything will taste nice. Honestly, I it wasn't the mountains that made it taste nice.. it was really good!

Joe and Topig later made tea, and we all had crackers with it before breaking to made camp. ..Well, Topig and Andhy made camp. The rest of us slept in caves.

While the rest was busy with their thing, Darren was determine to catch the sunset. Clouds all the way, and we were at the wrong side of the mountain.

After saying goodbye to the sun we headed back to the camp cave site for dinner. Dinner was yummy! Abang Rashid's rendang flew in all the way from KL (imported rendang LOL!) was so delicious! He made it back home and actually checked it in the flight to Jogya. He froze it brought it up to Merapi with dry ice. Tempeh was sliced and cook in the mountain. Delicious as well.

We hit the sac early and tried to catch some sleep before the 4.30am breakfast. Joe made Indonesian style sandwich. Awesome stuff! Hotdog buns were sliced into half and fried in margarine. Stuffed in between the buns was fluffy egg omelet, serunding (the beef floss) and sweet and spicy chili sauce.

We started climbing up to the peak at 5.30am.. early but the sun was already catching up with us. Bob and the rest was far ahead but I slacked because Hi Sunrise! Andhy was the sweeper so we hung out a while to watch the sun.

When darkness dies with the speed of light...

After scrambling up loose rocks of Mount Merapi, we all had our Victory drink at Garuda Peak. YATTA!

After feeding our stomach with junk food and feeding the camera with loads of pictures and videos, we descended to the middle peak. I totally LOVE being there!

To my front, oceans of white cumulus clouds.
To my left, the view of Mount Merapi's peak.
The back, narrow rock and hilly path ways which leads to a "the hills are alive with the Sound of Music" type of view.
And to my right, Mount Merbabu!

Spectacular view of Mount Merbabu just opposite Mount Merapi.

I actually fell in love of the sight if Merbabu when we were in the van on the way to the foot of Mount Merapi. Looking at the view of Mount Merbabu from Merapi took my breath away and instantly made me decide that I will be back to climb it.

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10 pieces of worms:


Aiya, no pic of your cave hotel?

U really eat well during a mountain climb!

Nic (KHKL)

i missed sunrise from borobudur too. and it was supposed to be around merapi that day...argggh! though of climbing mount bromo next time. but fly in from surabaya lah.


the watermelon really red & "hei sa"


That's really off the beaten track!


She's be coming round the mountain, when she comes... :p


I really enjoy reading about your climbs and about the food you eat. Looks and sounds like you are having a great time and look forward to reading more.


What a fantastic escapade into the highs ! Wonderful delicious natural food . Cheers and mountainup to the great coke. A great story for the pub


hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!


nice blog

Wallis Mcfadden

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