Saturday, December 19, 2009

I miss Gunung Rajah

Our customary Jump Shot! A must at the peaks. Gunung Rajah's peak was nice. We could see Genting Highlands from there and I am also guessing one distant mountain (which still looked tall) was Gunung Tahan.

I broke 1 out of 12 eggs. Acceptable ma right? I mean the egg was at the corner. It was no protection like the other eggs on the inside. And it was a long 10 hours climb up... ok la.

Breakfast was ... well ... weird. This is my first time cooking canned beans with mini "pak choy". The eggs, usual. But "pak choy"? I guess there's a first time for everything.

We over did lunch. We weren't hungry ... or at least I wasn't. I ate for the sake of eating and to also take the below picture.

Imagine *Sausage, eggs and luncheon meat burger at the waterfalls* .... fantastic!

What was more fun was to watch the guys jump down about 6 to 7 meters into the waterfall pool. Awesome! ...I tau tau berenang la.. Didn't dare to jump. Had a stupid problem with my toes as well. Kept on cramping when I stay in the cold water too long =(

I miss Gunung Rajah.

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3 pieces of worms:

Life 2.0

I really enjoy reading about your adventures in food and climbing. Is there a club of sorts in the KL area for hikers? My family is moving to KL in the about a year.



Life 2.0: Hm.. google is my best friend when it comes to looking out for "gunungs" to climb but you can check out and


Somehow I feel pak choi + baked beans + egg is a good combination.

I could taste the savoury taste of it now... Mmmmm... =P~~

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