Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Indonesian have Tong Yuen too

We passed by many es drinks in the hot afternoon (es as in ice) but told ourselves that we will be back for them when we had an emptier stomach. Come night, and sadly all the es es stalls were closed. All was left was this Ronde stall.

I was skeptical in trying at first... but what the hell, we were short of one more meal to finish our '5 course' dinner for the night.

We ordered a bowl to share, sat on the cement road divider, and listen to the musicians playing for the folks at the Lesehan. ..I think we sat too long because 2 of them started playing in front of us. It was odd. Our own entertainment? Funny, annoying, but well, we were foreigners after all.

The Ronde was actually not bad. The ginger soup was really fragrant with the smell of ginger and the soup was spicy enough to just slightly burn the tongue, but not give a sore throat. The glutinous rice ball, 2 huge one, sunk in the middle. Was quite delicious. The sea coconut ..the pink stuff was a little too soft. Have no idea why bread squares were added in there.

Overall nice, and definitely more interesting that the yearly Tong Yuen I eat in KL.

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8 pieces of worms:


that's very disgusting eating soaked water bread....yucks..


Merry X'mas & Happy New Year!!!


aiyak... I missed tong yuen season. >.<

Gonna get some outside. whoohoo~

Yeah... it's kinda odd putting bread squares inside. Imagine them all soggy and stuff... eww. >.<

Merry Christmas aunty teckiee! =)


I enjoyed these wedang ronde esp in cool climes of Bandungan and Bogor. Usually no bread inside. Their ginger is definitely as good as our Bentong variety.


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I tried this too..It was actually quite nice. Liked the ginger soup, not the bread though, haha..Anyway, nice blog you have! Jia You.


Yeah, and my eyes were wandering about, seeing which was the tang yuen. When I could only make out the bread floating in the soup.


mimid3vils: The bread will taste better in mushroom soup.. yeah.. odd to be in ginger soup. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Nat: yearrr what auntie auntie :p

worldwindows: eh Bentong...which part?

Alexis: Totally agree!..the bread is odd..really odd

J2Kfm: Actually I didn't really check out the stall... I didn't even know there's tong yuen in there until I dug the bottom

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