Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nothing can go wrong with instant noodles

Honestly, nothing can go wrong if you go with instant noodles.

Some climbers I know thinks that instant noodles is sad though. Climb so susah-susah (difficult) to enjoy instant noodles? All I can say is that I rather have instant noodles than rice... carrying up mini bags of rice kills!

I was the cook on the first night when a couple of us hit Gunung Rajah. Maggie Mee TomYam. Honestly, nothing can go wrong with the "perencah" (seasoning) that came with the pack.

Squid balls, white Swiss mushrooms and mini "pak choy" with our noodles. DELICIOUS! Honestly, this is the first time eating such luxury Maggie Mee TomYam.

Yay hey! Passed the test! HAHAHAHA!

That night was wet... it was raining and our tent got flooded! I was practically trying to sleep over a puddle of water. Not fun, not fun at all.

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3 pieces of worms:


Cous : Whuum Taste like chicken.


I need to get myself examined then... I have actually managed to mess up instant noodles!

... and that was done indoors... with gas!

Help me... somebody help me!

Beau Lotus

Haha actually that sounds like great fun - seen from the comfort of my room. :-)

I'm sure maggi mee is extra delicious out there.

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