Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Lumppppiaaaa! Somehow saying the word lumpia out loud makes me laugh. I have no idea what but lumpia reminds me of the Oompa-Loompas in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I know, I know, two very different words... but Lumppppiaaaa! HAHAHA!

Lumpia is actually the Indonesian version of fried popia. Deep fried spring roll. I first came across this lumpia stall in front of Hotel Mutiara in Malioboro street during my first visit to Jogjakarta. Locals were crowing the stall and business was good. I can't help but to buy a piece although I was already full.

This time at Malioboro, I dragged my climbing buddy to have a bite of this superb lumpia. Good stuff! Tasted as good as before but later I realized that the price went up drastically! From 1700 rupia to 2500 rupia in a year! But 2500 or not, it's still so worth it!

..actually come to think of it, 2500 rupia is less than 1 ringgit. Cheap hor?! Too bad cannot ta pau back.

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5 pieces of worms:


Yes I do enjoyed this given the opportunity esp in Semarang where it is supposed to be the bes. Surprising these 'popiah' is also called lumpia in Mindanao, Philippines testament of the regional roots.

Precious Pea

Looks like lot of 'liu' stuffed inside...definitely worth it lah!


I saw big beansprout in it~~


worldwindows: ahhh i didnt know they call it lumpia in Philippines too

p.pea: yeah.. got egg somemore

mimid3vile: heheh huge hor


we shall wait lovingly for your Indon Bungkus

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