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Steamboat, the Pangkor fisherman style

Happy New Year Folks!

While many of the people I know spent their new year's eve out with friends, I spent it with my family in Cameron Highlands. Nice little gathering up in the mountains (I like :P) where the temperature is low and the water is icy cold. We had our eve dinner eating organic steamboat somewhere in Berinchang. Not bad, but the steamboat reminded me of a steamboat I had with a couple of ex-schoolmates back in September.

It took me and my ex-schoolmates a while to plan for the trip to Cameron. Busy people us. Hehe. We did some brain storming on what we wanted to eat, what soup base we wanted, who is in charged of what utensils... even met up earlier for a "meeting" to get everything ready.

Vegetables and mushrooms came from the night market in Berinchang. 14 packets for RM10 for small packs. 5 packets for RM10 for the bigger or more expensive vegetables. It's like all you can eat vegetable buffet steamboat!

We went to Kelana Jaya pasar tani in the morning to buy the fishy platter supply before heading up to Cameron. Seafood in the highland is scarce.. if not expensive.

I bought these small yellow fishes. Bad idea. Small little things are harder to clean (yup, I had to clean all of em and ended up with fishy smelling hands!) and they are full of bones! They ended up at the bottom of the pot boiling in the soup which made the soup really sweet! YUM!

The slimy slippery sotong was easier to clean. I used to think that the spots on the sotong can be left on the flesh... but no leh. You need to peel of that layer of skin and only eat your sotong white.

Got some chicken slice to go with the seafood.

And pork slices too.

Non of us requested for pork liver but hey! we had some. Super hard to slice the liver!

We got hold of these konyaku noodles as well. Nice crunchy texture to the steamboat.

Finally, the secret ingredients to the ikan bilis and fish soup, canned pork ribs and belly! Odd combination? All I can say is that usually the oddest combination works the best =)

Mixing canned pork belly in fish based soup for steamboat is Pangkor island fishermen trademark. I used to have a lot of steamboat for dinner in Pangkor when I was younger. My uncle and aunty would buy the freshest seafood from the fisherman and prepare this steamboat. Fresh fish marinated in sugar and sweet thick black cause. Prawns, crabs, sotong... all fresh and dumped into the soup.

If you can get hold of fresh raw abalone, slice and soak them in lime juice. Makes a really good appetizer for the steamboat

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Precious Pea

Happy New Year!!! Using canned pork belly into the soup base is definitely something new to me.


No pictures of the finished product?


Pangkor style has its twists and turns. I like the seafood best. Use to go there during school holidays.


put in "kau yok" to the soup? very oily lor..?


a yummy feast to celebrate new year :)


What a surprising ingredient to add to soup. Think my steambost kakis will scream in horror.

mush, brecht & nora

dear teckiee, sorry for the long absence, but here i am again! your blog is giving me extra warmth is this snowy winter period! I wish u and your family a most prosperous and healhty new year! Will come back for more, take care.


Nic (KHKL)

steamboat at cameron...shiok! got bring curry chicken or not? spicy food's great in cold places...hehe


p.pea: happy new year to you too! cant wait till u get back!! need to plan our trip quick liau

UnKa: Forgot hehehe... too busy eating and enjoying the steamboat.

worldwindows: the last time i went to Cameron during a school and my family stayed in a haunted house!

mimid3vils: ohh we refrigerate the can and removed all the oil before we pour it in the soup =)

tracieMoo: indeed!

Tummythoz: hm...scream in horror ah.. i think they will scream in delight leh hehe

mush: hey! happy new year! hope the family is doing well!

nic: hehe no need curry chicken cos there's plenty of alcohol after dinner to warm the body


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