Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warong 96, Bali

He walked in with a t-shirt, board shorts and flip flops. I went in with a sleeveless tank top, shorts and flip flops. We felt so over dressed. ...as in too much cloth on us.

The hot Australian guy seated in front of my table was topless (body yum yum... I felt so guilty because I can't help staring when my dude friend is still in front of me). The tall fair skin Japanese gal seated on my left was only in a bikini. (she was hot too and my friend felt guilty because he can't stop staring...so I guess we are even HAHA)

The whole of Warong 96 at Jalan Legian (Gang Poppies II / Poppies II lane) in Kuta (That's in Bali Indonesia) was just filled with beautiful people, with almost 90% just skin! Sorry la but this jakun got a little bit of cultural shock. How come Pangkor not like that?! We need more choppy waves for surfers man! HAHAHA!

And yes yes, we remembered to eat after we got enough of admiring God's creation. The food was actually quite good. I had a (pork) bacon carbonara which was as delicious as the one I ate at Opus (Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar). I would have ordered something else but the plate of creamy pasta huge!

He of course ordered something porky too. I had a chunk of that pork chop and YUM! Real juicy stuff! I didn't like the sauce that came separately though. The brown sauce was quite bland.

I miss Bali. I miss my Balinese host and his family. I miss the porky stuff. I miss the padi fields and eating wild flowers and fruits. I miss Batukaru!
And yeah, I miss the half naked men too.

I kid you not when I say there are just hot half naked men everywhere! Just pick up a stone and throw it back over your shoulders... you'll most probably hit a shirtless surfer with only his board shorts and flip flops on!

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4 pieces of worms:


Cheh! Thought got pics of chicks in Bikinis to gawk at ;) You are now my definitive guide to all things Bali!


yalor kena tipu oredi :( show us some skins!


Oi... don't just tease me with descriptions ler... You're killing me!!!!

Hot pix pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


I think half naked lady more interesting huh...haha!!!

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