Monday, February 08, 2010

Lunch at Gunung Disappointment

There is no such gunung called Gunung Disappointment. What was a disappointment was that me and my climbing buddy had to turn back after a few hours of trekking on a supposedly 2D1N climbing trip.

The Daun Keladi Hutan (Wild potato leaf) being used by some insect to built a cocoon.

Gunung Chabang was my last climbing trip for 2009. I was desperate to climb something (a mountain of course, not a ladder :P) so we just went ahead with Chabang with a little bit of research online.

We reached Simpang Pulai but got stuck for a bit because we couldn't find the orang asli village area (That's where the starting point was). We drove around and ended up find a village. I got to know later that we ended up at the wrong village. The village what we should be at was a little further down the road.

Rattan torns. This is one jungle with loads of young bamboo shoots and tons of rattan growing. Quite a painful jungle to trek in. These little buggers hangs down from no where and catches on to your shirt or bags if you are lucky. If you are not, you'll get cuts from the torns.

We were directed to cross a river to get to the trail by the orang asli. I remembered reading that other climbers used a bridge. That was when I knew we were on a whole different trail. We continued with the trail... took the wrong turning at the first split in the trail.

We got to the waterfall that was mentioned on climbing blogs and guides but HAHAHA, it was the wrong waterfall. We spend almost 2 hours looking for our way up. Went to 5 different paths which we thought were trails... but aiyah... after walking only about 30 meters into the jungle, we could not trek our way out using the same path we came in. That was when I call it quits. Too darn dangerous to trek in with no proper path, no GPS, no cellphone reception, no map.

Can't waste our effort though. We already drove all the way from KL to Ipoh and we are at a nice waterfall. We decided enjoy what we had at that moment. Sun dried tomatoes and canned sauce.

The water was really clean and clear. Used that water to boil the pasta we brought up. I am still using Hexamine fuel tablets (That's the white square stuff you see in the picture) to cook which I feel is not that efficient. (But they work well even if they are wet so I don't have to worry about keeping them dry) I have to bring many of them if I were camping for many days...that would weigh more. Got to remind myself to invest in a mini gas camping stove but those don't come cheap!

The end product. Pasta with mushroom, cheese and herb sauce topped with sun dried tomatoes. Absolutely delicious especially eaten beside a waterfall hehehe

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