Monday, March 01, 2010

Mini treats, revisit.

Yah Yah... I ate them... big deal... the guinea pigs ate them too.

Then again I keep forgetting that I am human, not a guinea pig. (Tho occasionally I am forced to become one)

Texture: Dry and hard. Lots of fiber. Yuck.
Taste: Like chlorophyll... alfafa flavor. Bland.

Cat food taste better.

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11 pieces of worms:


but catfood pellets suck, they are so dry they hurt my tongue. :(


Omg teckiee noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
*Running slo-mo towards you -> Grabs the treats in your hand and tosses it away*

I think it's time we go for some foodie cruisin aye? ;-P


Cous D: I Think it didn't taste like chicken :P

Precious Pea

I bought oven baked pig's nose (really in one big piece) from Aussie, you wanna try ar?? Hehehe.




Living up to your blog name, I see...hehehe...

Simon Seow

Is there any food that you don't eat?


You are still very funny lah !
We shall meet up soon, again

The Kid

Wow! You write so well and you travel so much :)

If only you try Channel Malaysia, you can practically become a star there!

The Kid

are those crabs? they look like small balls...

Absar @ Go Go Elite

Dude! Tell me you didn't eat those!

They even look nasty! Like turds!

Erm.. you sure those are crabs??

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