Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chicken back side on a stick

I was forced to take 4 days of leave last month. I'm not sure if it was a good thing or bad thing but forced to take what... I had no choice. Didn't want to waste it doing nothing at home so I went to Brunei to visit my best buddy and then to Mulu to climb the famous Mulu Pinnacles.

Here are some highlights from my trip. ...look out for the chicken backside!

Airline food. EEK! Ikan Kunyit sucks to the maximum! Yuck! I have got to remember to always go for the Nasi Beriani. At least that was edible.

Strolling along the beaches of Seria, Brunei. Loads of small crabs all over the beach. Seria should be named Kota Shell or something. Everyone there is practically working for Shell.

Ate cheese french toast at Universal Cafe, a coffee shop in the small Seria town, which some nice people from Shell.

Redondo! It's not something made in Brunei but made in Indonesia. Very nice chocolate filling in the middle of the biscuit stick. I don't we can find it here in KL. Brunei was so boring that I find visiting the supermarket more interesting that visiting the floating mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Went over to Miri for wild fern and a seafood lunch the next day. I think the local calls it Midin. Sweet, had a little crunch to it. I would have bought some fresh ones back for mom to cook but too bad I wasn't traveling back that soon.

Ayam Tonggeng! aka chicken backside! You know, I don't usually eat chicken backside cos I know how dirty they can be if they are not cleaned properly (yeahh I clean chicken and you wouldn't want to know the shitty part that comes out of chicken backsides!). I had these anyway. VERY good stuff! RM1 for 4 small chicken backside on a stick. (Just try not to think of eating shit when eating this... HAHAHA)

Since non of us actually were satisfied with our seafood lunch, we decided to have seafood again for dinner. We were lucky because we reached the beach restaurant just in time for a spectacular sunset!

The fresh prawns .... yum!

Stayed at a guesthouse just opposite a busy bar street. We were dead tired but the bars were just too tempting. Our last drink before we hit the sack. Just got to love Sambucca shots!

At Mulu National Parl, I learned a whole bunch on bats, caves, lime stones and the pinnacles. This picture is of a bad exodus... seen with my eyes how they would actually line up to fly out in a group, and the way they twirl in circles while flying to avoid being victim to preying eagles.

Saw this worm. It will roll into a ball when it is being disturbed. Cute little thing.

I forgot what these bugs are called but they body are as huge as my thumb. I found them really disgusting actually. They live in the caves and feed on bat guano and multiply in them. I was quite surprised at myself when I actually grabbed one of them off a strangers shirt. Hard exoskeleton, very sharp legs and thorny. Yuck..but ok la. I later thought of the incident and wondered if they would taste nice after being cleaned and fried. Should be very crunchy. (I have eaten chicken backside so I am guessing this is not too hard to handle)

Along the 8.8km trail to Camp5, I spotted a RED SNAIL! YAY! Cool huh?!

The climb up was awesome! Intense 70c to 90c scrambling and climb on the upper trek. Absolutely loved it! This is me adjusting my footing on the corroded pinnacle to pose for a good picture.

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