Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Compact food

I'm heading to Sungai Siput tomorrow after work, and Thursday I'll be hiking up Gunung Ulu Sepat! YAY! Ulu Sepat is the 7th G7 (G7 = top 7 highest mountain in peninsular Malaysia).

I can't stand having instant noodles and bread for all the days so I spent the last week busy preparing the menu and food stuff for our 3D2N hike. Watch out of my Gunung Fried Rice and my Vegetarian Curry soon! I even packed a mini wok up for cooking :p

Leaving you with some pictures of bad experiences in carrying food for the Gunungs.

(During my most remembered first Tabur West climb... rain and wind almost killed us) This originally is a triple layer sandwich. The whole sandwich flatten in my friends pack and turned out like this. A whole new meaning to compact food LOL!

Another climber friend was smart enough to pack his filling in a separate container... what surprised me was the flavor of the filling. Tuna + hard boiled eggs + mayo + salted egg + century egg + onions. What a combo!

Not learning his lesson from the "compact food", this same friend of mine took his lunch up to Gunung Datuk only using a styrofoam box. Habis lah... but still can makan lah. Susah sikit je.

Anyway, the most disappointing disaster is when you want to chill your booze in the cool running water...to later find out your cans are missing! Lesson learned, always make sure you secure your cans well if not the running water will push the cans afloat and off it goes with the current. Donated a couple of em booze to Kanching Falls.

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