Friday, November 26, 2010

Teckiee vs Wild?

Man vs Wild Bear Grylls Guatemala. Watch starting minute 3:04

Bear Grylls "After a night out, it is important to replace your energy, and one of the best things in the jungle for that are plams. The hearts of most palms around the world are edible, you just need to cut away the tough outer leafs. Carbs gives you slow release of energy, just what you need for jungle survival."

During my last hiking trip in Gunung Yong Yap I came across many young palm trees. They easily grow where there is light, either near water sources or where the canopy of trees are thinner.

I have to remember how the leaves look like though. Colour, texture, shape, growth, etc. It can get very confusing because there are plenty of species of palms that look a like and I won't know if I am eating the correct palm tree. In Man Vs Wild, Bear mentioned that most of the palms trunk can be eaten. That is good to know because I thought I will always need to look out for only this type of palm.

One thing that Bear did not mention is that you can also have the palm without killing the plant. If you do not have a knife with you, look for the palm shoots (looks like a long huge green pointy chopstick stuck in the center of the palm) and pull them off. You can eat the bottom white part of it. (Too bad the picture I have is too blur)

The young shoots of the palm does not taste bitter. They actually taste quite refreshing like pears minus the juiciness and sweetness. The texture was slightly crunchy. Not bad.

Palm trees, a health and free snack when you are hiking in the jungle. HAHA!

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Great read, thank you! I love Bear by the way! :)


Yeh... jungle food not my first choice, or second, or third.....................

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