Friday, December 13, 2013

Turning 30

Publishing this so that people who share the same thoughts, values, and experience, know that there is at least one other person who think like them.

Few important things I have learnt in these 30 years based on my own personal experiences and observations. You may or may not concur with me, I do not care. I am writing this so when I turn 40, I can look back and maybe laugh at myself.

1. Money is not everything. Money may play a major part in making you feel happier, but it is YOU who decides if it anything makes you happier.

2. In my early 20ies, all I wanted was to earn my own living and move out. I wanted “freedom”, I wanted away from my family, I wanted away from my “burdens”. Yes, I was (and maybe still am) a selfish brat. But all I want now is to spend more time with my family, be close to them, buy my own place and have them move in with me.

3. My friends perceive me as a mentally strong person. Maybe… but I know I am more of a stubborn (and determine to be stubborn) person than mentally strong. I have a BIG ego. I cannot fail, I cannot stand to lose, I am very competitive person even if it is a competition with myself.

4. God, religion, heaven, hell, fung shui, karma, prayers, hungry ghost festival, ….etc. One does not just believe in them. It is a choice to believe in them. And I make my own choices.

5. Being depressed is a cycle. Understand the cycle and the triggers, but never feel comfortable being depressed. It took me almost 2 and a half years to snap myself out of depression the first time. And slightly over a year the second time. It is an experience which I know I will always be with me.

6. Walk the middle path. Too little, or too much, is harmful. Money, friends, emotions, motivation, work, hobbies, determination…..yes all that, walk the middle path.

7. Life is always hard, unfair, short. Do something about it and stop whining. Or, accept it and move on.

8. Focusing on things I can control makes my life much easier to live with. I can control my future (well not all of it but you get what I mean la right?), I can control the way I think, and I can try to work on controlling my emotions. Focus on changing oneself, instead of changing the world. I also learned that I have very high standards on certain things and people, but I expect less. (I think that is trying controlling emotions-disappointment right?) Stay away from poison people!

9. Never indulge in self-pity!!!

10. Always have faith in people and the things you believe in no matter how dark the world has become.

Last, but the most important, always be true to myself. There will always be people, family and friends included, who will downplay my determination, belittle me, insult me and do whatever to see me fail, angry, sad….but I know better. I will Just Be. (Read DJ Tiesto – Just Be lyric)

6 pieces of worms:

Kopi Kaki

agree on most points. well said.

IPTS Malaysia

We concur with all the points noted. Life is journey and valuable. We all somehow need to learn our basic life goals too.

Property Malaysia

Love the theme of this blog, ie eat first think later. This has been our favourite.

Property Malaysia

When we are hungry we need to eat.
When we eat, blood rushes to the digestive system, means less blood to the brain, that's why not advisable to think about work during meal times.

Property Malaysia

We are living in a world of energy, thus our thoughts and emotions too. Think positive, act positive in life.

Property Malaysia

It's never too late to share thoughts, values, and experience that inspire others.

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