Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pick N' Brew

7.40pm. Parked the car at Wisma CNI in Glenmarie.

Jason stopped at the entrance for some pictures. I felt a bit nervous...

Pushed the door and first thing I saw was the beautiful Christmas Tree and all those pressie. Not for me tho hehehe. Those are placed there for orphans by customers.

Looked around. No one I know. Tables are all cleared. Where are they?

Empty function room. *rubs eyes and look again*

Everyone was in the room. And I got a loud Happy Birthday Teckiee! Whahahah!

I felt syok! LOL! Special thanks to Jackson to who did the dinner arrangements out of his hectic schedule, extend the operating hours and kick his boss aka owner aka Dato' out ;p so we could have dinner in the function room. And also to you bunch who really made my day with an awesome birthday dinner; a funny and memorable one for me. Really appreciate it! *Hugs*

After placing our orders, Jackson suggested we have tea, saving the latte after dinner.

We had fragrant rose tea which Jackson only serves his invited guest. Smells like pink silk. Not that silk have a smell to it... but if rose tea had a texture to it, it's pink soft and flowy light silk. (You need to close your eyes and imagine la ;p)

Good thing WMW don't take raw stuff. I got half of her Salmon Gravlax with Scallion Cream and Parmesan Tuille! Whahaha! The salmon nicely done with the little sugar salt and spices. Since the Salmon Gravlax wasn't part of the menu, I didn't know what I have having. I initially though the basket was a flour basket. I went "Aiyor, why so hard one? Like deep fried flour basket kena masuk angin". When I took a bite, then I knew. It was a cheese basket! Good stuff.

Sun-dried Tomatos and Spinach Gnochi in Chicken Consomme. The clear soup tasted very flavorful. Jackson mentioned that there is no artificial flavoring in all their dishes including soup. I am usually quite sensitive to artificial flavoring, my lips will dry up and I will dehydrate. But not with this soup. The spinach gnochi was soft uncooked flour like, not to my liking. Taste wise was on the light side to complement the strong flavor of the soup.

I had the Grenobloise Salmon Fillet with boiled potato, roasted vegetable and capers lemon butter (RM30). Jackson mentioned that this was nice so I decided to give it a try. A large fillet of salmon came with the light but very fragrant lemon butter sauce. The sauce moisten up the cooked fish and complement each other very well. I love the spinach that was mixed in Feta cheese. Got to make this at home more often.

Splashie Boy passed around a big piece of this Chicken Chamicangas, deep-fried stuffed chicken and tomato wrapped with tortilla (RM19). I took a cut of it and remembered it tasted ok. Splashie Boy mention that it was one of the better Chicken Chamicangas he have tasted.

Jackson walked round table to let us try his Angel Hair Marinara served with prawns, green mussels and squid in tomato (RM22). Very strong ripe tomatoes, dried oregano and sweet taste to it.

WMW had the Grilled Medalion Of Beef with infused oil and coffee bean mustard (RM35). Again I got a bite of the meat. I usually don't dig beef, but this one medium rare beef was cooked but still juicy. Will want to try the whole Medalion with the sauce again.

Herb Crusted Rack Of Lamb with apple mint yogurt (RM33) that Precious Pea had looked the most prettiest. I have a thing for ribs and how they are arranged. Don't you think it's like abstract art? Again, the meat was cooked and juicy.

This I like! Lamb Tikka with Pilaf rice skewer marinated spice lamb with flavored rice (RM17). Jason gave me a huge piece of his Lamb Tikka and I thank you Jason because this the Lamb Tikka was so flavorful! Juicy sweet and salty with just the right amount of lamb and fat.

Seafood Galore on Feta Spinach spinach baked mussels, prawn thermidor, grilled fish, with olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes (RM40 including Lorina Sparkling Juice) is one of the items on Pick N' Brew's Christmas menu. Boo and Lyrical Lemongrass had this. One thing about the arrangements is that you get a different picture at every angle. I spend quite a number of minutes taking their dish.

When we were finished with dinner, I thought I could head to the kitchen and help wash the dishes. I was actually very eager to put an apron on and try to be the rats in Ratatouille. I know it's weird, but I really want to have my kind of fun in a REAL kitchen. I mean, it's not that hard? Right? Rinse, arrange in the dish washer, push the button, and done? Hm.. need to put the soap one ah? Or it's preloaded one right? See I needwant to learn la. Anyone needs a one-day-worker? I work for food :D Anyway...

I wasn't expecting a cake! When I blew off the candle I wasn't sure what cake it was. Smelt strong of apple sugar and cinnamon like apple crumble, but sure don't look like one to me. Jackson later mention that this was an apple crumble, but an Apple Crumble Cheese Cake inspired by the apple crumble video that won the Apple Crumble Team a place in the finals of the Drive4Food contest.

Boo mentioned that she always did not manage to try the cake although she have been there a few times because this best seller cake is always all sold out. I can understand why because the cake was delicious! The crumble was so fragrant. The cooked apple was slightly sweet and sour, complemented the cheese cake well. The zest of lemon added in the cake gave it an extra kick.

After the cake, Jackson announced it was time for latte, latte art!

Jackson demonstrated the web and WMW later made one for herself.

Lyrical Lemongrass made one with the different colors. I kind of like this because of the abstract factor.

Precious Pea had her husband, Pea and Pumpkin in mind when making this latte. She even asked if she could take it home! So sweet!

I... made my man. Snowman la hehe. I was thinking about JHP's Shortbread Showman when I did the buttons. The side parting hair... hahah was just a mistake.

I had a blast! Thanks again all!

Pick N' Brew is located in Menara CNI, Glenmarie, Shah Alam.
Open from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. And on Sunday 8am to 3pm. Closed on Saturdays.
Call 03-55691216 for reservations.

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Happy Birthday!


Happy belated birthday to u teckiee..may all your wishes come true..I hope i can go Pick & Brew to visit jackson next time..How's the taste of apple crumble cheese cake? nice ar?

Kenny Mah

Wow, what a great blow-by-blow account of your birthday dinner... I love how everyone's different styles and character came out towards the end with the latte art, hehe.

Happy Birthday! :D


Tanjoubi omedeto.

Why la close on Saturday my friend only free for early dinner on Saturday. Well, Sunday lunch then, hope she can wake up early. LOL.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora

u r indeed very lucky to hv such caring and wonderful friends Teckiee = ) Hope u hv a fantastic weekend ahead! Cheers ; )

wenching & esiong

Happy belated birthday to you! Nice place, good food and good company! I'm sure you had a great time! :) The coffee decoration looks fun!


eat4fun: thanks! :)

ekeng: thank you.. i do need one of my wish to come true next year! Yup, the cake was delicious!

Kenny: hahahah ...a snowman can only tell one thing about me. I'm still a kid ;p Thanks!

simon: Arigato Gosaimasu! 8am to 3pm, if reach at 12 or 1 also can. Enjoy the lunch =)

mush: Thanks Mush! And yeah, the bunch are great friends.

wenching & esiong: hahaha we were all like kids when doing the latte art


i want that cake, pls pls pls....

ai wei

a very happy birthday to you again.
wow, the environment and the food look superb. u guys must have great fun time hanging around!~

team bsg

happy belated BD ! so much food , so good co ( wish to see ya in yr sexy aprons soon ( missie ratatoille pjss4 ? )
good luck !


what a lovely birthday celebration! From pretty rose tea to a meaningful slice of cake! Lucky u! =)


paiseh! that comment was from me. ;p forgot I wasn't logged in!

Lyrical Lemongrass

Gosh we had so much fun!! we shud do this again. No need to wait for an occasion, hor.


Happy belated birthday..!! glad you had a blast..!


ling239: hehehe call in advance to book...

ai wei: yeahh the place was really cozy and comfy.

BSGs: hahahah wait.. no more that location. Wait till i move to my new home with the new kitchen.. then the action can start.

daphne: ehhh you read Anne Rice ah?

LL: yeah man.. up for Pirates?

mamabok: Thankiews!

Precious Pea

Such a fun and memorable night...glad that you enjoyed yourself.


What sexy apron??? Gift from a BSG fan??? LOL..


im glad you enjoy yr BD!!


Hehe... yeah, we should do this again, no need to wait for occasion.


P.Pea: whahaha i want to do the latta art again!

wmw: what sexy apron??!?

jackson: thanks for the arrangement all that dude!

jason: yeah interested to go for breakfast there actually


I know this's a bit late but but.. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, TECKIEE!! I see that you've really wonderful friends and I'm really glad that you enjoyed your birthday! T^T *envious to see so much food around!*


this looks like SO much fun! happy birthday :)


cubbie, rokh: Thanks girls =)

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