Friday, March 27, 2009

Tong Kee egg tarts

I thought of the egg tart which I heard so much good reviews about in Damansara Uptown area so after Jackson Burger, I suggested to JellyBean that we head there. Since we drove pass Taman Paramount area, a detour! Landed in O&S (not ONS *ahem* if you know what I mean ;P) but too bad... it was close shop time and every stall was already cleaning up. No prawn noodles, no Penang Chee Cheong Fun, no Yong Tau Foo, no fried Kuey Teow.

We ended up in SS2 Cheow Yang's Lim Mee Yoke coffee shop for Har Mee, but gadget talk all the way. And... I finally put film into my new 3 lens robot toy camera!

Ok.. maybe it's not a toy because the instructions clearly states "This is not a toy" ..heh -_-"

Anyway, we went to Tong Kee in Damansara Uptown after that. Had to ring WMW a couple of times to locate the shop. I think I was blind or something because I passed by the shop and could see it.

I have heard of Tong Kee egg tarts ever since I started working in KL. People always say that if I come early to work and have the time, I should hit Jalan Pudu to take away some fresh egg tarts because they rock. Funny, ...because the whole four years working in KL, I never once manage to grab egg tarts there.

Still funny, because when Tong Kee opened a branch in Damansara Jaya, I didn't go pick them up but I had to wait tell I moved 40 minutes away to find myself back to P.J area for food. LOL!

RM1.30 for the egg tart. Was it worth it? Well, I though it was just so so. Maybe it's be and my high expectations again but I doubt it because JellyBean agreed with me. Maybe it was because it was in the evening and the tarts were cold. The pastry was still flaky, but not fragrant with lard. The egg custard part was a let down because it wasn't as fragrant as I have imagined. Tong Kee should really invest in some of those lights which will keep food warm.

Lesson learned, never but cold egg tarts.

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Aiks...cold egg tarts = blerghh!

I always get my egg tarts here. But I get them in the afternoon so they are still nice and warm.


Lesson learned many times over for me too in trying to appease my appetite on my favourite pastry. Its best that eggs tarts is eaten fresh off the oven. Many coffee shops in Ipoh served fresh of the oven egg tarts by baking small batches. I also think that the egg and the lard may not be smell good when the tart cools down.


i think their egg tarts are the best.


LOL..ur not the only one dear! myself in kL for 3 yrs but yet to taste those "legendary" tarts! ut lke u said, once expectations hits tat's alw a let dwn. Besides i tend to steer clear of ovr-hyped fd plc..


that day I just had 2 for my lunch, it's pipping hot o~~

ai wei

they have the best egg tarts!!!

em... guess it's ady evening. must get them while they are warm ^__^


wonder if it tastes good with the beer ? nobody has done it so maybe afterwards we try coz we are always in H2O nearby.

another case of cannot see too near

( we thoz the Ipoh old town one {real Ipoh}was quite nice, then how bout the Karak one ? must drive there soon )


i always get them in the morning when they're hot off the oven :P psssttt the butter pastry is very sinful and richer

Simon Seow

Usually I'll buy Tong Kee whenever I go to Lai Fung to eat beef noodle.

Big Boys Oven

hahahah I saw that thingy you carry with you that day, we are so anxious to see the result of the photos you took! :)

wmw should get the Butter Egg Tarts lah!


I recommended this place to my neighbour even before I tried it (flog's power) but when I finally get to try it, I think I prefer Ipoh Simee Market's Choy Kee or Hong Kee's. The lard taste was a bit overwhelming for me...

Leonard Loh

I once had egg tarts back in Penang (by an old man in a market) which could rival Tong Kee's, too bad he has moved somewhere else. I'll try to get hold of his new location and feature about it.

Well if you guys go to Shanghai, do try their egg tarts, I've found some better than those in Malaysia, too bad I didn't have my camera with me that time around.


Bangsar-bAbE : yeah man.. tell me about it. I thought they were warm because it was under the "light" but I guess I was wrong. It wasn't the heating light.. was just normal yellow floresen lamp...

worldwindows: Totally agree with you. The yummiest tarts are ones fresh from the oven.

foodbin: I will have to try them while they are hot..

thenomadGourmand: WMW said I picked the wrong tart.. seems that the butter tarts are the good ones

mimid3vils : Aie... why is mine cold =(

ai wei: hais.. but still hor.. they should try to keep em fresh lo.

backStreetGluttons: hmm booze and egg tart ah? No la.. not a nice combo

babe_kl: I need to remember that the butter ones are the better ....I bought the ori.. which WMW said wasnt the good one.

Simon: is it hot or cold?

Big Boys Oven : hahahah eh when are you going to let me taste your stuff? heheh i want nice looking dessert to take too!

wmw: aiyor.. have to remember lo next time

jason: hmm maybe i will like it.. me == pok lol!

Leonard Loh: Hmm I really like the idea of flying to Shanghai for egg tarts.. haha


mmm, second chance maybe?


rokh: yeah.. will want to try again.. and pick the butter tart this time


Hey, was wondering where you purchased your robot toy camera?

Cheers. :)


HC: eBay!


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